REDRHINO Offers Franchising Opportunities Across the U.S.

REDRHINO Offers Franchising Oppurtunites Across the U.S.

The Epoxy Flooring Company Provides Protective and Aesthetic Flooring Solutions 

One industry that REDRHINO spends a great deal of time with is the automotive services industry. The organization’s portfolio includes McLaren of Beverly Hills, Porsche & Audi of Woodland Hills, Rolls Royce of Thousand Oaks, Mercedes Benz of Laguna Nigel as well as Toyota of Redlands and Firestone Tires. Over the years, automotive services have come to represent approximately 43% of REDRHINO’s gross revenue. The good news for our franchise partners is that we have this experience and are able to pass years of knowledge to our regional offices. We understand possible client objections and the challenges inherent to these jobs. Due to this understanding, from customers and salespeople to service technicians to miscellaneous quality assurance requirements, our franchise partners are able to provide a win-win epoxy solution for all participants in this incredible industry.

Automotive dealerships, auto body shops, or even automotive auction houses, such as Manheim Auto Auctions, have their own set of customers and much of their sales success depends on a positive and flawless customer experience. As automotive salespeople carry themselves with a professional demeanor, the immaculate inventory, service garage and showroom must be state of the art.

REDRHINO provides its clients with floors that are durable, provide a high ease of maintenance and, of course, they look good. This level of quality ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, even the floors. REDRHINO understands that our client’s customer experience is important, and our floors reflect that.

Salesmen are able to confidently walk their clients through the showroom, and the service area, knowing that their attention will be on the car they want to purchase, not the poorly maintained condition of the floor. Even the newest and most popular vehicles in the showroom will deposit small amounts of motor-oil, meaning it won’t be long before a showroom shows traces of motor-oil, tire marks or other miscellaneous debris on the floor. These stains are a huge distraction for customers and can detract from the sales experience. An epoxy floor will prevent motor-oil stain problems before they start. The product fills up the porous surface of dealership floors and helps the concrete to maintain a clean appearance. Top epoxy companies like REDRHINO even offer quartz-vinyl chip flooring, color quartz or metallic flooring options that are excellent for automotive showrooms. Though true for a number of industries, it is especially true in this industry that the quality of a floor can influence the perceived quality of the product being sold.

Another aspect of the automotive industry that is often overlooked is the service garage and the technicians. More often than not, attractive and stain-free floors will help make service garages safer and improve the effectiveness of the workspace. Since epoxy and urethane floors are exceptionally easy to clean and, thanks to their slip-free properties, the service technicians don’t have to spend their time dodging miscellaneous oil spills. When upgrading a service garage with REDRHINO’s epoxy coatings, service bay workers enjoy a more attractive, safer and brighter working environment.

Nowhere in the continental United States is there a shortage of automotive services opportunities. As we like to say from a sales perspective, it is low hanging fruit.

REDRHINO Locations 

Today REDRHINO: The Epoxy Flooring Company is recognized as one of the industry’s “go-to” providers of protective coatings for commercial and industrial applications. We are continuing to build our industry footprint with the opening of installation offices in:

1. Los Angeles, California
2. San Diego, California
3. San Francisco, California
4. Sacramento, California
5. Seattle, Washington
6. Phoenix, Arizona
7. Tucson, Arizona
8. Las Vegas, Nevada
9. Louisville, Kentucky
10. Omaha, Nebraska
11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13. Chicago, Illinois
14. Washington, DC
15. Virginia
16. Dallas, Texas
17. Denver, Colorado
18. Charlotte, North Carolina
19. Raleigh, North Carolina
20. Atlanta, Georgia
21. NYC & Surrounding Boroughs


REDRHINO has one of the best franchise programs in the country. We provide complete training sessions, at our corporate office in Los Angeles, and teach our partners the ins and outs of epoxy. This includes installation process, sales tactics and total understanding of our marketing program. Here at REDRHINO, we keep close contact with our franchisees, and provide constant support from our corporate associates. Our regional partners are given all the necessary tools to run a thriving business.

The manufacture and installation of our own products sets REDRHINO apart. We are one of the only full-service, or turn-key, installers in the industry. This means that from the sale to the installation, REDRHINO is there every step of the way. Our high-quality service combined with brand recognition and a successful marketing program makes REDRHINO an exciting and growing business.

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