In an industry of independent home remodeling contractors, Re-Bath stands out as a unified, trusted national brand. Re-Bath is known for providing expert, affordable and effortless bathroom remodeling solutions that transform homeowners’ bathrooms in days, not weeks. We offer a spirit of innovation and an alternative to cover-up or overpriced remodeling. Because we manufacture and supply the majority of the materials, franchisees get what they need as they need it – and at wholesale prices. Any materials we don’t make come from our powerful partnerships with the nation’s top manufacturers like Home Depot at a fraction of the retail cost. With over a million installs completed nationally, we have our home remodeling operations down to a science.

We handle both the design and the installation – it’s a branded, one-stop customer experience that the industry sorely needs. We are the go-to resource for bathroom remodeling in the markets our franchisees currently serve, and our national reputation strengthens as we continue to connect the dots across the country. Re-Bath is the nation’s largest complete bathroom remodeling franchise with presence in more than 150 cities and 43 states.

Our sales process has been developed specifically for Re-Bath franchisees to make sure your sales start strong – and stay that way. We’ve also perfected our business tools and processes to offer training that helps you stay confident and comfortable with our methods as the owner of your own bathroom remodeling business. Trust us; we’ll support you throughout your ownership experience with continued education on the most up-to-date sales techniques. Plus, it helps that our corporate team is a group of entrepreneurially-focused individuals who have joined forces to work on a single goal: to do everything we can to help another group of entrepreneurs (Re-Bath franchisees) succeed.

The ideal candidate for Re-Bath should have sales, marketing, and/or management experience and be extremely results oriented. Construction knowledge is not required. You must have a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital, and be ready to make a full-time commitment.

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426 North 44th, Suite 410
Nature of Business:
home remodeling
Initial Fee:
Minimum Investment:
$177,400 – $358,000
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