Presentation Design Tips: How To Prepare Aesthetically-Appealing Presentations

Do you know what a presentation is? It is the set of information that is being delivered by a person to a bunch of audiences. The presentation may be on any topic, or it may deliver the advertisement of a certain product, etc.

How to design an appealing presentation?  Firstly, must watch some of the best presentations delivered previously. Take hints and ideas from them about how to plot perfect content but also, keep it as simple as possible. Making things complex can reduce the attentiveness of the audience.

An appealing presentation must be short and catchy. It includes only pickup lines, while the rest of the presentation must be prepared in mind. Font size should be appropriate and as per instruction if it’s an official presentation. There is a difference between the office presentation and the advertisement presentation.

Here are few tips on how to design an appealing presentation:

Make it Simple

Complex presentation leads to creating a boring environment, which minimizes the attention of listeners. Presentation must be easier and simpler to understand. Just try to deliver your message in simple words. You are required to gain the full attention of your audience.

Simple presentation means do not add all the details in your presentation. It would create a messy appearance on-screen when the slide is full of words and sentences. Just make bullet points, and outline the concept in one simple line. You have to prepare an explanation of the outline in your mind, and present it in front of an audience.

Adding unnecessary information in slides has a very negative impact on the overall presentation.

Color Combinations

Color selection is very important in an appealing presentation. Do not use more than 5 different colors. Similarly slide color must not be so dark as it causes pinching in the eyes of the audience. Do not use so light a color, that it will be difficult for the audience to read the point and they do not understand what basically are you explaining.

You have to choose different colors for text and background. You can also consider the     project timeline template for visualizing different colors in the slide for a different outlook

Contrast slides are more preferred. This means if you are using dark text then you must have a light background. Similarly, if there is light text, then the background color must be dark.

Use Large Font

While making a presentation, keep the font larger. It will enable the audience to read them from the screen. If the font size is too small, then it will cause difficulty for reading. Moreover, using a large font allows less information over one slide as space will be limited. So this avoids a messy appearance over the screen. You can explain the slide efficiently and easily if it has less information over it.

The small font is not readable at all on the screen. Also, it requires more information on slides due to extra available space. Less attention will be shown by the audience if slides have a paragraph appearance with a bundle of explanations


After setting the font size, the next important step is to select the style. Style matters a lot in any formal or informal presentation. You have to choose only one style and use it throughout the topic. Never use more than one writing style. It will not carry a good impact on professional audiences.

There are some ways to draw the attention of the audience towards a specific word. First of all bold that particular word, so it appears as if standing prominent comparable to normal text. So the audience must pay attention to that word. The second way is to simply change the color of an important word or line, this line will draw the attention of the audience.

Image Selection

The presentation would be dull without an image. The selection of images is not an easy task. You are required to select those which highly relate to the topic. Irrelevant imaging only lengthens the presentation but doesn’t have any advantage.

Use images from authentic sources, which must be inspirational relative to the topic. Never use those which distract the audience’s attention from the topic. These must be highly engaging and delivering the same message as per topic and audience demands.

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