Best Franchise Presentations on Slideshare in 2014

While there are many resources out there for franchise owners specifically, it’s important to also remember some of the more general business resources that also have great franchise advice.

In other words, if you’re really looking for a way to round out your franchise ownership education as we enter into the New Year, you have to get creative.

Following the right people on social media and using tools like Quora and are great ways to hear from the influencers in the franchise ownership space, but there is one resource that seems to offer some of the best hidden gems—

Top 7 SlideShare Franchise Presentations of 2014

For those who are unfamiliar, is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations online. According to the website, it is one of the 120 most visited websites in the world with nearly 60 million unique visitors per month.

Anyone can upload files and it’s free to use whether you’re uploading slideshows or researching a topic.

The website allows users to do several things:

• Search for specific topics and find related presentations.
• Upload a slideshow presentation you gave at a conference (or one you created specifically for slideshare if you’d prefer).
• Follow specific people and companies to stay updated on their activity.
• Create a profile page where all of the presentations you upload can be housed.

Below are some of the best presentations that were uploaded about franchise ownership and management in 2014:

Digital Marketing: 4 Trends from Top Franchises

By: Bluewater

This is a great presentation when it comes to statistics and images. It keeps your interest while still offering valuable information about the important topic of digital marketing. By looking at the trends of some of the top franchises—Starbucks, Pearle Vision, Wendy’s, Applebee’s, etc.—you can get ideas that might work for your own company as well as see which way digital success might be moving. The presentation actually lists out the four trends that they found so you don’t have to analyze the information for yourself. Hint: The first trend has to do with mobile!

Creative Marketing for Your Franchise

By: Al Lautensiager, Entrepreneuer and Franchise Professional at Clients Workplace

This 43-slide presentation talks about getting creative, which is one of the most difficult aspects of any type of company ownership. It delves into Guerrilla marketing, social media marketing, local community involvement, and much more. The best part: It spends several slides on content marketing and how to keep this creative and manageable at the franchise level.

Franchise Sales Marketing:Content Marketing

By: Rachael Wachstein, Director of Content Marketing at Fishman Public Relations

This is a cool presentation because it uses a lot of graphics to make points. Content marketing is only becoming more and more complicated, and many of these tasks are only heightened if you own a franchise. Wachstein helps make it easy to understand, and it’s clear that she has the experience to back up her points.

4 Hours to Franchise Success

By: Franchise Success Formula

This 25-slide presentation strikes a pretty rare balance of including a lot of information but still making it easy to understand even if you’re just reading the presentation. It talks about everything from the role of the competitor to changing your morning routine to using quickfire question and answer techniques, so it’s one not to miss.

Franchising | Entrepreneur Roadmap | Franchise Well, LLC

By: Washington, DC Economic Partnership.

This presentation discusses the building blocks of franchise management including growth strategies for single vs. multi-site companies, operations for a successful business, and some key considerations when it comes to financial questions. Overall this is a pretty basic or beginner presentation, and it does a good job of keeping things organized and easy to understand.

Franchising and the House Doctors Franchise System

By: HouseDoctors1

This presentation has a little bit of a sales-pitch at the end, which is never recommended or ideal, but it does offer some good information and statistics about franchise ownership. It talks about online reviews and the fact that people are moving farther and farther away from buying from small independents and moving toward companies who have the resources to build a brand they can trust.

Why Opt for a Franchise Model of Business?

By: Dr. Jonathan D’Souza, Senior Medical Writer at Oxygen Healthcare Communications.

It might seem odd coming from someone in the healthcare field, but this presentation makes some excellent points about why franchise expansion might be the right move. This is another beginner presentation, but it is organized by answering some of the most common franchise questions, so it’s a good one to look over if you’re still unsure if franchise ownership is the right move for you or your company.

Consider Using Slideshare to Share Your Own Franchise Expertise

Getting started with your own slideshare account is incredibly easy. Simply visit the website and click the big orange “upload” button. Fill out a few details about your business, upload your presentation, and you’re set to go. This is an excellent alternate way to drive traffic to your website or websites as well as show off your expertise.

If you’re interested in SEO, I also highly recommend checking out a great article which outlines some great presentations on optimizing your website.

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