Children’s Service Franchise Systems Are Growing Up

How One Franchise is Rockin’ Its Way to the Top

According to FranchiseGrade, the children’s service sector has seen franchised outlets increase by 12.1 percent since 2010. While children’s franchises represent only 2.1 percent of the industry outlets, they account for a staggering 6.3 percent of industry outlet growth.

As a nine-billion dollar industry in the United States, the demand for supplemental education services has never been greater as schools across the nation continue to experience budget cuts, resulting in a decrease in music, art and other cultural enrichment programs.

Furthermore, the U.S. Census Bureau projects the population of children in America to surpass 80.3 million by 2030, which has led to larger class sizes and increased competition in the classroom. As a result, more parents are seeking unique enrichment programs to help develop their children’s talents and abilities.

Among the child’s services segment, School of Rock serves as a strong reflection of the sector’s advancement. Since 1998, we have inspired more that 50,000 students to rock on stage and in life, instilling teamwork and self-confidence in our students through a unique performance-based approach.

Our goal at School of Rock is to encourage our students to realize their potential as artists, put them on stage in front of as many people as possible and help foster a new generation of incredible musicians.

With more than 150 schools in eight countries, we will continue transforming the lives of musicians worldwide as the leader in performance-based music education.

Our series of programs are specifically designed to lead each student through their unique musical journey, emphasizing that music is not just about playing an instrument; it’s about playing on a team as well. In addition to individual private music instruction, students also learn how to jam with their peers in a weekly practice session, culminating in live concerts at world-renowned venues.

This unique teaching method results in students who are more inspired to learn and more motivated to excel. Not only do they develop into talented artists, but they establish a work ethic, learn about teamwork and gain confidence that they can take with them throughout their lives.

From preschoolers to seniors, the diversity of our music programs and students will continue to be a driving force of our success.

We have found that live performances are one of the best ways for serious young musicians to get a taste of what a professional music career is like.

Emboldening students from the lesson room to the stage, our programs designed for all skill levels develop both their confidence and musicianship. To date, our students have played thousands of concerts at such legendary venues as CBGB, The Roxy, Red Rocks and BB King’s Blues Club in Times Square. We have also performed at music festivals around the world, from Lollapalooza, Gathering of the Vibes and Austin City Limits, to Zappanale in Germany.

It’s wonderful to be able to offer our students the most inspirational experiences in performance-based music education by partnering with iconic musical forces and giving them the opportunity to play alongside their idols through our guest professor workshops.

What truly sets School of Rock apart in the music education sector is our AllStar program. Each spring, students from across the country audition for the AllStars, a group of top students that embarks on a summer tour, complete with tour buses and multiple live shows throughout the country.

For the past three years, we have also teamed up with Love Hope Strength, a charity benefiting rock musicians and others with cancer. Partnering with a music-centric charity that aligns with the values of our students is one small way we inspire them to become better citizens and positively impact their communities through music. Our students have added over 1,000 names to the bone marrow donor registry that have resulted in 18 potentially lifesaving matches.

Another factor driving our growth is our unmatched ability to foster the next generation of musicians, leaders and innovators through the power of music.

The impact of music on young people is profound, and School of Rock is redefining and perfecting music education for the upcoming generations.

Numerous studies link early music education to academic and professional achievement. The students who graduate from our programs leave with an incredible set of social and academic skills not taught in high school classrooms — not to mention a giant social network of fellow students across the globe. Many of our students go on to pursue accelerated music programs or join nationally touring bands, while others become leaders in their field or entrepreneurs. Regardless of the career path they pursue, School of Rock students develop numerous skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

The success of our students can be attributed to our global network of extremely talented and dedicated franchisees and our relentless commitment to their success. As a result of our franchisee-centered model, we have experienced significant growth through existing franchisees who have invested in multiple locations.

In the coming months, I will continue to focus on fostering the relationship between our corporate team and the individual schools to ensure we are continuing to provide an immersive experience that inspires our students to be their best and builds upon our passion-driven culture.

As the children’s services franchise sector continues to ‘grow up,’ I look forward to expanding our global footprint and helping our system prosper as the worldwide leader in performance-based music education.

In my new role, I will pursue aggressive growth of the chain by harnessing the momentum that has already resulted in nearly 30 new schools in 2014 in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, Canada, Chile and Brazil. To reach our goal of opening 150 new locations by 2019, I plan to launch the company into its next phase of growth by introducing new programs and services, forming more industry partnerships, and expanding our franchise network with the most passionate and dedicated individuals in order to meet the growing demand for quality music education.

Dzana Homan is the CEO of School of Rock, the world’s leading performance-based music education franchise. Prior to School of Rock, she served as COO of Goddard Systems Inc., an early childhood education franchise, and CEO of Huntington Learning Center. Homan holds an M.S. in electrical engineering and physics and a B.S. in piano.

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