Pieology Partners With Sitezeus for Smart A.I. Expansion Data

Pizza innovator Pieology teams up with SiteZeus on a new recipe for data-driven expansion. The 120-unit pizza chain will leverage SiteZeus’ artificial intelligence-powered location intelligence platform to optimize market opportunities.

California-based Pieology is partnering with SiteZeus as it embarks on a plan to expand its 120-store multi-unit footprint, leveraging SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered location intelligence platform to learn more about their customers and identify high-volume trade areas.

Just like building the perfect pizza, SiteZeus combines key ingredients to quickly build highly accurate market planning models. This data driven approach combines brand specific POS and location information with a variety of third-party metrics.

Standard data on demographics and traffic counts are enhanced with the latest tools that offer insights gleaned from social media and cellular data to provide a granular view of consumer behavior and movement. These models enable the real estate team to learn more about the true potential of every individual site – all in a matter of minutes.

“With access to SiteZeus’ platform our real estate team is able to look beneath the surface of our locations and understand what’s truly driving the location performance. This helps us understand where to focus and which locations to avoid in a completely new dimension,” said Ramzi Daklouche, Chief Growth Officer at Pieology.

SiteZeus was built to help multi-unit brands answer two important questions – WHERE to open the next location and WHY prioritize one location over another.


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