PayMore Adds Edward McMullan as Chief Operating Officer

HW - Edward McMullan, PayMore

McMullan Started with the Brand as a Store Associate

PayMore, a retailer where people can buy, sell, trade or recycle their old electronic devices, added Edward McMullan as Chief Operating Officer (COO). With this role, McMullan will oversee the franchisor’s daily operations and its growth initiatives. He brings experience at software companies and knowledge of operations and efficiencies to the role. 

“I am most excited about the product development and future roadmaps of our PayMorePOS, our proprietary software solution that has become the backbone of our store level operations, most specially the data aspect of our software,” McMullan said. He also looks forward to streamlining workflows through technical automations to ensure employees focus on customer satisfaction, retention, and more. 

McMullan started at PayMore’s flagship location in Massapequa, N.Y., as line staff. He liked how disruptive the retailer was and never saw anything else like it in the electronics or second-hand space. He often found himself describing the business concept to colleagues and family members, he said. McMullan found a mentor in PayMore president Erik Helgesen, who taught him about the business.

Edward McMullan, PayMore
Edward McMullan is the new COO for PayMore. 

To stay competitive, McMullan believes that PayMore needs to put an emphasis on product development, investing in technologies and training. He added that PayMore employees are trained to make quick decisions using data insights. PayMore’s systems are always improving, he said. 

McMullan has noticed a growing need for consumer electronics for business professionals. He notes that during the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant percentage of the workforce worked from home creating a need to upgrade home offices. “While many organizations provide employees with an allowance to do so, replacing old electronics spurred a new problem. Electronics become difficult to discard or recycle and PayMore provides an amazing service that does so in an eco-friendly and convenient way.”

For Franchisee Candidates

McMullan urges prospective franchise owners to keep the underlying service of a business in mind and make sure it is backed by software because it improves the customer experience. Additionally, he believes that faster transaction and processing times along with ease of service will help employees focus on the customer. 

Improving Operations 

In McMullan’s experience, franchisors who want to improve operations need to have an open line of communication with their team. This can include regularly holding meetings with staff and general managers to get their feedback. It is also important to rely on feedback from customers, he added.

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