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Pets are considered a part of the family for most Americans. When it comes to four-legged friends, 42 percent of Americans own a dog, and 29 percent own a cat. Pet ownership has become a serious business over the last decade or so, with families making pet-care a top priority. Walk into any major supermarket, and you’re guaranteed to find not only pet food, but also toys, and shampoos and a myriad of other options to care for animals. Aside from vet bills and food, there are many options for people to pay to provide the best for their pets. Franchises have recognized this business opportunity as a means to profit, but also help consumers deliver the finest goods and services to their animals.

Pet food stores

Pet food used to be simple. A product on the grocery list that needed to be picked up but nowadays, pet owners take the business of feeding their animals very seriously and weighing different options and nutritional factors for the best diet available for their pets. Animal food options come in veterinarian and can provide elements that fight off weight gain or infection. It’s much more sophisticated than a choice between wet and dry food.

There are even pet food franchises specializing in health food for all pets, and other franchise options that focus on locally sourced food and treats. People have chosen to invest in their pets with the best food options of the highest quality.

In 2018, Americans spent over $30 billion on pet food, with a 4.3 percent increase from the previous year. Between 2019 and 2020, pet owners spent $36.9 billion on pet food alone. The market is proven to be consistently increasing and is a hugely profitable business for those interested in the pet food franchise.

Pet training 

Providing the best life for pets includes helping train them to be respectful of other family members and animals. Animal training, specifically dog training, has become a staple for most dog owners. Especially when it comes to rescue dogs, who may have had a complicated history or may have no background information regarding their behavior, a rescue dog’s adjustment into domesticated life, can be difficult and an owner might need support.

A new puppy, who is energetic and excited, can benefit from tools to help them behave appropriately in a new household. While some pet owners just need guidance on how to guide their dogs properly, and how to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Either way, becoming a dog owner, is an adjustment for everyone in the family and people are turning to professionals to help them establish boundaries and expectations for their four-legged friends. Franchises have recognized the opportunity to support pet owners, while also gaining a profit and creating successful business opportunities. 

One of the lead competitors in dog training franchise is the local and small business owners. Nowadays, a lot of people who have honed in on the skill, simply post their business on social media and gain customers through word of mouth. A benefit of owning a franchise is the ability to take on many more customers compared to a solo trainer and therefore generating more profit. A franchise can also offer a professional place for training, with all the tools on hand, with the promise to help dogs and owners reach specific goals. Having a reputation for a successful outcome is essential to pet owners, and a franchise offers that reliability and guarantee. Take a look at individual dog training franchises to see what kind of locations they offer; human resources support and budget and how they facilitate their training. Having an understanding of how you would stand up to the competition can help you determine where you would want to invest.

Doggy daycare

Animals not only need training, sometimes they need somewhere to go and socialize with other pets. Specific to dogs again, pet owners are hesitant to leave their dogs at home all day while they work. Families are considering all the needs of their animals, including loneliness and a need to socialize with others. There are now dog daycares for pets to play while their owners have to work. A lot of customers use the facilities certain days of the week when they know they will be busy or unavailable, while some others have their dogs go daily.

This type of franchise is gaining traction and popularity, with more locations available, and it’s also a new trend that franchisees can jump on and be a part of it’s potential and growth. 

Some daycare franchises have taken on other products and services, including selling food and toys for dogs, while also offering training or even overnight stays.

A different version of the doggy daycare is boarding and animal hotels. These types of franchises can house many different animals. A lot of families need support from boarding houses, not only when they go on vacation, but when they have surgery, or in some cases, just need a break. Some pet owners choose to send their animals to boarding places if they will be out late, or if they are introducing a new pet to their household.

There are up-class versions of boarding, similar to a hotel just for pets, where animals are treated like royalty and can receive treatments, grooming and expensive food.

Depending on the type of facility and animal care opportunity a franchisee is interested in, there are many different options to help support families with the responsibility of their animals.

Pet stores 

Possibly one of the most obvious pet franchisees is the pet store. These facilities have become substantial business opportunities. While there may be a proportionately larger investment fee, it’s a very profitable franchise opportunity.

The American Pet Products Association estimated that over $75 billion would be spent on pets in 2019. From vet services to products and training, fur parents are willing to dig deep into their pockets for their animals.

Pet store franchises specialize in name brand goods, as well as some services, which can include grooming, training or boarding. 

Pet stores are a convenient one-stop-shop for pet owners, and a lot of them allow owners to shop with their pouch alongside them.

Not only can you purchase animals, but there is also food, toys, toiletries, and loads of products for animals’ owners to choose from.

Pet franchises used to be simple but now pet owners need so much more and more to keep their animals happy – in fact over 25 years ago, the pet spending industry in America was only $17 billion, and now it’s over $75 billion.

If supporting Americans with their ever-growing families, and helping others give a safe and welcoming home to their pets is something that interests you, then a pet franchise is definitely the best option. You just have to narrow it down to the best one.

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