Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Welcomes Mark Behrens

In His New Role, Behrens Will Manage OLP’s Franchise Development Strategies and Its Resales

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) named Mark Behrens Director of Franchise Development. With this role, he will manage the brand’s franchise development strategies, resales and conversions. OLP is under the Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. umbrella. As North America’s largest and only full-service outdoor lighting company, OLP provides residential and commercial properties with landscaping and architectural lighting services. 

OLP and Outdoor Living Brands   

What attracted Behrens to OLP is its strong corporate culture and industry leadership across all of OLB’s Brands. “The culture is top-notch across all brands of the owner network and throughout the corporate team. OLP created the industry and is a true leader. It has a strong network of owners and management team in the home improvement sector with multiple brands that are innovators in their respective industries,” he said. 

In addition to OLP, other brands that are under the Outdoor Living Brands umbrella are Archadeck Outdoor Living, Conserva Irrigation and Superior Fence and Rail. Together, all four of these brands focus on improving and maintaining outdoor living spaces. 

A CFE’s Journey  

Mark Behrens, OLP
Mark Behrens has been named OLP’s director of franchise development. 

Behrens brings decades of franchising experience to his new role at OLP. His experience ranges from conversion sales and project development to mergers and acquisitions and management. Using this experience, he has worked with top franchisors including CARSTAR, FASTSIGNS International, City Wide Maintenance, and Floor Coverings International. 

Behrens attained his Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) in 2007. He got his start in franchising after being “presented with a unique opportunity way back when.” He says he is amazed at how franchising has grown in reputation, stature and importance. 

There are many aspects of franchising that Behrens likes. “I love guiding people through the discovery process and ultimately seeing them make life-changing decisions that will positively impact their lives,” he said. “To this day, I have relationships going all the way back with people I have helped along the way.”  

Throughout his career, he has lived by this motto: “Communicate authentically, build rapport and be transparent. The rest will take care of itself.”

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