New Skills to Learn to Make Time in Isolation Worthwhile

We lived in a busy, hustling world. Then all of a sudden, it came to a startling halt. Lockdown? What the…! We all had to adjust real quick to not doing anything public besides going to stores real quick. If you lived in a people-congested city, then the stress of the quarantine was uber-high.

Learning During Isolation

Maybe it’s not so bad for people who have families to care for. Or at least a significant other. They could get sick of that other person rapidly. If you were an individual who lived by themselves, boredom may set in even quicker.

So you had to brainstorm on what to do while stuck inside with no social interaction. Who knew how long this thing would last? When could I get back to work? How am I going to pay my bills? The dog is not going to walk itself!

Turns out, if you think about it, there is an abundance of things to do that would make your time in lockdown productive. Learning new skills is always an option. Some people may not be able to think too straight with all this anarchy around us, so here is where there will be some ideas shared.

First Aid

You could be a very forward-thinking and optimistic person and take up the art of first aid. This can be for just yourself and your family or just make you a more valuable human on the other side of all this mess that got us hating our own homes.

A New Language

This may seem a trifle redundant right now, but how about you take to learning a new language? Maybe there is a French girl(or guy) at work you really want to impress. Learning their language would be not only fun for you but get you in well with the other person.

Aside from the benefits of talking to new people, learning a new language has other benefits.

    • Attention span increased
    • Multitasking abilities improved
    • Improved memory
    • Higher perceptual sensitivity
    • Improved cognitive abilities

New Skills

This could be endless, but there are a few that are going to be more beneficial than others to learn as you may carry through with them even after you get to walk outside again. How about learning chess? Or you get into yoga or pilates. Do you want to pass the time meaningfully? Get in touch with your spiritual side and start with the incredible art of meditation.

Concrete Learning

Concrete thinking is connected to directly observed objects and experiences, like breaking down a project into steps.  So how about looking up TedTalks? Their slogan is “Ideas worth spreading.” Really good stuff. Or, which is where you can learn from over 160 member universities. Courses(many for free!) in all sorts of different categories. Binge-watching this type of material is nothing but good for you. If you take the right classes, you could even get a raise and promotion when you get back to work.

There are also all sorts of documentaries to learn from on Netflix and other such streaming platforms. Listening to podcasts is also an option.

Brain Games

There are a plethora of different brain games out there on the net that will hone your mind. comes to mind. Exercise for your mind. Or you could just settle down with a book of Sudoku puzzles or crossword puzzles and call it a day.


You don’t have to go to a gym to work out. You have gravity!! There are many exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home that will help you keep in shape until you reach the other side of isolation.


How about taking up the guitar? Or piano. Flute, maybe? The best thing about learning and playing a musical instrument is you are increasing your cognitive abilities. This also helps to relieve stress, improves patience and memory. It even builds your confidence!!

Virtual Museums

Did you know that you can virtually take museum tours through Google? You don’t even have to hustle to get a good spot in front of the group!!

Or you can tour some of the world’s most famous landmarks on The Guardian. Pretty cool stuff!! All from the comfort of your recently over-used couch.

The most important thing to learn here is that you have a lot of extra time on your hands to do things that you would not have otherwise. Use that time constructively, for your sake.

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