UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans Found a New Challenge with Naturals2Go

Naturals2Go, Rashad Evens

A Diverse, Inclusive Culture and Flexibility Attracted Evans to the Healthy Vending Machine Business

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Since retiring from a career as a professional athlete, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Famer Rashad Evans engaged in multiple endeavors. Besides serving on the UFC broadcasting team as a desk analyst for ESPN and CBS, he launched UMBO, a brand of functional mushroom products that promote wellness benefits like better sleep and more energy.

UMBO sells functional mushrooms in the form of snack bars, honey squeezers and more. As a high-level athlete, Evans swore by the benefits of these products. But recently they helped him in a way he never expected: They led him to a new opportunity with the Naturals2Go healthy vending machine business.

Naturals2Go Healthy Vending

Initially, Evans was interested in a synergistic relationship with Naturals2Go. He was intrigued by the healthy vending machines and thought they would be a great sales vehicle for UMBO’s products. Exploring a partnership, Evans took a trip to the Naturals2Go Headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y., during a monthly training session to see if it was a good fit. Not only did he find the synergy he was looking for, but he also found a new business for himself as a Naturals2Go owner-operator.

Naturals2Go vending Rashad Evans
After a career in mixed martial arts, UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans ventured into the vending business with Naturals2Go.

Evans was excited by everything at Naturals2Go: the energy from the passionate leadership team, the diverse group of up-and-coming owner-operators, the simple — and proven — business model, and the opportunity. “Unattended retail is the future,” he says. “Vending is simple. There are none of the hassles that come with most businesses.”

The Naturals2Go Opportunity

Although he had no intention of buying into a healthy vending machine business, Evans couldn’t pass up the opportunity with Naturals2Go and invested in eight machines. He could see the amazing potential for steady income and flexibility.

“Going from living the life of a professional athlete to living the rest of my life was a big role change. With everything I was doing, I felt like I was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time,” he says. “Now I can say ‘no’ to more things.” With Naturals2Go, Evans feels he can be there for his family who supported him through his UFC career. “I was always traveling. Now I can be present for my family,” he says.

Naturals2Go Rashad Evans
As a Naturals2Go owner/operator, Evans has the flexibility and opportunity to spend more time with his family.

In January 2023, Evans started working with the Naturals2Go locating team to find ideal locations for his machines. He plans to stock them with a variety of items, including UMBO snack bars and other healthy treats such as cactus water and more. In time, he plans to grow and scale the business and will enlist the help of family, including his nephew who is already on board.

Naturals2Go Healthy Vending and Rashad Evans
Evans plans to grow and scale the business and will enlist the help of family, including his nephew, who is already on board.

A Diverse, Inclusive Culture

A diverse, inclusive culture attracted Rashad Evans to Naturals2Go. He loves that Naturals2Go owner-operators come from all walks of life. “There is a level playing field at Naturals2Go. Education or socioeconomic background doesn’t matter. Naturals2Go offers an amazing feeling of community that you just don’t see anywhere else,” he says. “Everyone loves helping each other and sharing information. The attitude is all about winning together.”

For more information about Naturals2Go, visit https://www.naturals2go.com/perfect-business/.

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