Les Brown Becomes Brand Ambassador for Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator has partnered with legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown, as their new Brand Ambassador. Together they hope to share their mutual vision of empowering business leaders to take action, and make their professional dreams come true.

Les Brown once said, “It’s necessary that you align yourself with people and attract people into your business that are hungry. People that are unstoppable and unreasonable.” That is why Les Brown has teamed with Franchise Creator, a leader in the franchising industry, to promote the business model of franchising and help others expand their business to a reality they once thought unimaginable.

Franchise Creator is led by CEO Hossein Kasmai, a leader in the franchising world. “After selling my company, I wasn’t content with being retired. I wanted to help people realize their dreams, essentially the American dream, just as I had done,” said Hossein Kasmai. “I sincerely believe in the franchising model and through Franchise Creator we make sure people get the proper help they need in order to grow their business exponentially. . . . Franchising is the extraordinary step for a business owner that opens the door to many possibilities. Les Brown has a history of motivating people to utilize the entrepreneurship inside them to take extraordinary steps in order to make a change in their lives and we’re honored that he has partnered with us to do just that.”, said Hossein Kasmai.

For more information, please visit the company website at www.lesbrownfranchise.com.

For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at www.franchisecreator.com.

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