Massage Heights Adds State-of-the-Art Skin Treatment

Massage Heights Franchise

LED Light Therapy Targets Wrinkles, Acne and Inflammation

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The Massage Heights franchise has built its reputation on innovating and evolving to better serve its guests. And Massage Heights has done it again by adding LED light therapy to its suite of facial services. LED light therapy is offered through Massage Heights’ partnership with LightStim, which pioneered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-cleared technology.

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy presents a noninvasive, painless approach for diminishing wrinkles, treating acne and lessening inflammation. Guests appreciate that there is no recovery period or downtime after a session of LED light therapy, which uses red and blue light in treating their skin.

LED Therapy Is Customized

LED light therapy treatments are tailored to each client’s specific needs. When a client wants to soften the look of lines and visible pores as well as tone the skin’s texture and counteract signs of aging, a Massage Heights therapist uses LED light therapy’s wrinkle mode. Clients dealing with acne and skin inflammation turn to LED light therapy’s acne mode to calm their breakouts, reduce redness and kill bacteria without using harsh chemicals or medication. 

Jennifer Fredette, who is director of skin care services for Massage Heights, says LED light therapy “provides a results-driven treatment through a relaxing experience. Because the treatment can be customized for each guest, we can help with acne and inflammation or anti-aging benefits such as luminous and firmer-looking skin. LED light therapy can be added to monthly facials, or our skin therapists can create a treatment plan with more frequent facials to help correct specific concerns.”

Massage Heights Franchise

Franchise’s Trajectory

Massage Heights CEO and President Susan Boresow sees LED light therapy not only as an in-demand guest service but also as a significant new revenue stream for franchisees. “All types of wellness and self-care are priorities for our guests. LED light therapy is the perfect complement to our facial offerings. When we were considering this service launch, we knew it had to be something that would truly benefit our guest’s skin care and wellness. That made LED light therapy an easy choice. Further innovation of products and services will continue to be key in our brand maintaining the strong trajectory we are on.” 

That trajectory is “a highly successful 2022 with record-breaking revenue of more than $121 million and record-breaking average unit volume of $1 million-plus for the Massage Heights franchise,” Boresow says. She adds that Massage Heights posted a 25% increase in same-store sales growth in 2022 while providing guests with more than 1.4 million services.

Massages Plus Skin Care

San Antonio-based Massage Heights has long been known for its premium massage services. The company’s Retreats, as each unit is called, offer various therapeutic massage sessions that, like facials, are personalized to meet each guest’s particular needs.

Clients may choose from various options, including Swedish, deep tissue, couples, prenatal, sports and trigger point massage, each being a soothing, therapeutic experience. Massage Heights’ guests may elevate their massages with hot stone therapy, a revitalizing face massage, a reviving foot scrub, cupping therapy and hemp infusion.

Perhaps contrary to Massage Heights’ name, the franchise has responded to consumers’ desires by placing an increased focus on skin care in recent years. LED light therapy joins Masssage Heights’ other facial services, which include the HydraFacial, ProPower Peels, Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion, clear skin and sensitive skin treatments, skin refinement, skin purifying and enriching, and more. 

Massage Heights Franchise Growth

The mission of the Massage Heights franchise is to please every guest with its affordable, resort-quality massage, skin care and wellness services. Founded as a single Retreat in San Antonio in 2004, the family-owned franchise currently has more than 115 Retreats throughout North America and hopes to expand. Massage Heights is seeking single- and multi-unit investors, and the franchise has territories available across the United States along with Canada and some other countries. 

Franchisee candidates should be passionate about health and wellness and superlative customer service. They don’t need experience in health and wellness services such as massage and facials because of Massage Heights’ comprehensive training program. Before launch, franchisees will learn every nuance of running a successful Retreat, including in-depth instruction to become proficient in use of the franchise’s proprietary billing and scheduling software. For more information about Massage Heights franchise opportunities, visit

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