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Jimmy Britz was serving in the US military in Hamburg, West Germany during the cold war. After retiring from the army, he moved to Quebec, Canada, where he moonlighted as a DJ. He found

something else though as well. He found a new favorite food, and it ended up being a food which would change his life forever. Poutine. Poutine is a simple dish, the base being French fries covered in brown gravy and cheese curds. Of course, there are many places in Canada to get the dish, and each one puts their own spin on it. Jimmy had it and fell in love, and found himself shocked that the dish wasn’t more popular in America.

In fact, he had never even come across it before. For that matter, he had never had it in his time in Germany either, but that was more forgivable, considering it didn’t border Canada.

Upon returning to America, Jimmy set up shop in New Orleans, both figuratively and literally. He decided to open his own restaurant in which the people of New Orleans could come and enjoy great food. And that was going to be his focus, great food.

He wanted to make great dishes, and he wanted to use great ingredients. He wanted everything to be fresh, made to order, and he knew he needed a signature dish. Every great restaurant has one,

something that the locals will come to love, something that everyone will know you had to go to Jimmy’s to get it. And it didn’t take long for Jimmy to realize what his signature dish was going to be.

Poutine. Of course, it had to be the dish so beloved in America’s neighbors to the north, and so unknown in the U.S. Poutine was the answer, and it became a massive hit. Jimmy’s place was popular, a nice and easy fries type of joint, with delicious shakes to go with it all. But the poutine, that was out of this world, it was so new, and so delicious, and Jimmy made pounds of it each day.

Soon Jimmy was popular enough to open a new place. And soon after that, another. He kept going, kept opening restaurants, across multiple states, and each one became a bigger hit with the locals

than the last.

And the one thing that kept them coming back, over all us, was the poutine, the signature dish at all of Jimmy’s restaurants. With his eye on tomorrow, Jimmy plans on continuing to expand his franchise, and open more restaurants, in more diverse locations. He hopes everyone can come in and try a poutine and a shake.

Jimmy’s have recently signed a multimillion franchising deal with a master franchisor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That franchisor is expected to expand Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes throughout that region.

Franchising queries: franchising@jimmysfries.com General queries : info@jimmysfries.com www.jimmysfries.com

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