LoyaltyGenerator INC

Company Name:  LoyaltyGenerator, Inc.


Contact:  Bryce Ebeling

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Loyalty starts at the intersection of why — every consumer knows why they purchase a product; every business knows why a consumer should purchase their product. LoyaltyGenerator provides a fully-managed, automated and cloud-architected cross-media marketing platform that incorporates prescriptive analytics to determine the ‘why’ and empower franchises of all sizes to simply, predictably and profitably generate intense customer loyalty. With LoyaltyGenerator, franchisors can systematically define and drive the loyalty story at any level of their value chain controlling brand continuity and consistency from the top-down, while selectively enabling franchisee autonomy from the bottom-up. Innovators like Annex Brands trust LoyaltyGenerator to automatically deliver the right message to the right customer on the right channel at the right time — you just set it and forget it. We’ll take care of the rest. For more information about increasing your customer loyalty, visit: www.loygen.com.

125 N. Acacia Avenue, Suite 108, Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 859-2001
(888) 980-9576
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