Integrating Digital Marketing Strategy With Broker Networks

Franchise Broker

A Good Franchise Broker Can Make all the Difference in Lead Capture for Your Brand

Broker networks, or lead referral networks, are one of several ways for franchisors to get franchise leads for potential franchisees. Brokers, also called franchise consultants, may be affiliated with one or more large broker networks or may work solo for themselves. Regardless of where they come from, a good broker can make all the difference in lead capture for your brand, so including them in your overall franchise digital marketing strategy is a great way to gain high-quality leads and potential franchisees.

Why Include Broker Networks in Franchise Marketing?

A broker franchise lead comes with a bit of the homework done for you. Brokers often will submit a lead who has already been financially pre-approved, has cleared a criminal background check, and most importantly, has been screened and considered a great fit for your brand. Brokers spend hours with their clients to help them decide which concepts meet their needs to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. This kind of excellent lead typically comes with a higher cost per acquisition, but a quality franchisee with a shorter onboarding time is worth it to some. A good broker communicates well with the franchise development team, which is why it pays to make sure your marketing efforts toward a broker audience are included in your overall franchise digital marketing strategy.

Keep Your Profile Fresh

A broker does their best work when they understand your concept very well. Keep any updated marketing materials in your broker’s inbox, including live links, web seminars (PowerPoint), videos, downloadable content, promotions, newsletters, deal announcements, and whatever other digital content you have in your library. Provide them with information about your ideal franchisee so when they come across them, your brand is top of mind. 

Some larger broker networks make transferring these materials simple with software platforms that provide digital dashboards for their members. There is usually an annual fee for such perks, but a simple upload puts your materials in front of the entire broker network – that could mean hundreds of views. Fair warning, however, broker network dashboards are not places to “set and forget.” Make sure you refresh your brand profile at least quarterly and send new materials or PR to them as soon as they are available.

Maintain User-Friendly Tech

As with any franchise digital marketing efforts, keeping your website and landing pages user friendly is of utmost importance. A poor experience is a direct reflection of a company’s professionalism, whether it’s accurate or not. A broker is not going to share a broken link, and if they do so unknowingly – they are not likely to share it again. Make sure all your backlinks work, your site is easily navigable, blog and contact pages are up to date, and any downloadable content delivers what is promised.   

A Relationship Worth Building

A deal with your brand is a win-win for you and the broker. They gain their commission and a satisfied client; you gain a franchisee to grow your network and bottom line. The broker-franchisor professional relationship is one worth building, and it all starts with an excellent, up-to-date library of franchise marketing materials.

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Matthew Jonas is president and co-founder of TopFire Media. As TopFire Media’s brand steward, he defines high-impact digital PR and marketing strategies for an impressive cache of consumer and franchise-based clientele.
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