IFPG Honors Mark Pasma with Lifetime Achievement Award

IFPG Consultant Mark Pasma Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Franchise Consultant Mark Pasma is Recognized for His Leadership, Integrity and Transformative Impact

Maya Angelou’s famous quote, “People will never forget how you made them feel,” perfectly sums up why franchise consultant Mark Pasma is so beloved. Anyone who meets Pasma immediately feels welcomed. He is always the first to help, recognize effort and show kindness. He is one of the International Franchise Professionals Group’s (IFPG) most accomplished franchise consultants, not only for his years in franchising but for leadership, integrity and the countless lives he has changed for the better.

He says his formula for success has been simple, “Be honest, do the right thing and nurture those all-important relationships.” In his 35-plus years in franchising, he has been a franchise executive, a multi-unit franchisee and a franchise consultant. His wisdom from these experiences, along with his exceptional people skills, has made him the ultimate life changer.

Pasma believes that his business relationships have been instrumental to his franchising success. “The better I get to know the individual, the better I get to know the franchise companies and the better the match between franchisee and franchisor will be,” he says. But it’s not only his relationships with franchisors that Pasma values. It’s also the people who he has helped find success in franchising. “I stay in contact with candidates on a weekly basis through the franchise development process, but it doesn’t end there. It becomes a lifelong relationship. I regularly check in to see how they are doing through the years,” he says. “There’s hardly a week that goes by that doesn’t include a call with someone I helped place in business.”

Mark Pasma franchise consultant
IFPG Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Mark Pasma

Franchisee Success

In 35 years of franchising, Pasma has seen and done it all. He knows what it takes to be successful in franchising and is always happy to share his expertise. Even though he is not obligated to stay in touch with candidates after placing them with a franchise, he regularly contacts them to check in and offer guidance if needed. “A few years ago, I placed a man in a tree-cutting business. He wasn’t doing well in his first six months of ownership. When I dug deeper, I could see why — he wasn’t following the franchisor’s proven system, which included working on the business, not in the business. He was trying to do everything himself. I suggested he use an employment agency to find the right people to help him grow the business, and it worked,” he says. “If you focus on recruiting the right people and training them properly, you will grow your business. Now that he has built a great team, he is poised to net over $1 million in his second year of business.”

Another common mistake Pasma sees is franchisees who let their egos get in the way and isolate themselves from the franchisor. “Franchisees should not go it alone. The main reason to invest in a franchise is to take advantage of support and training. If you don’t, you are defeating the purpose.”

Mark Pasma Franchise Consultant
In his 35-plus years in franchising, Mark Pasma has been a franchise executive, a multi-unit franchisee and a franchise consultant. He poses with his daughter and business partner, Holly Pasma-Burke.

Because of Pasma’s successful placements and willingness to share his expertise, he enjoys continual referrals. He is always enthusiastic about helping franchisees become successful, and he believes it all starts with finding the right fit with a reputable brand. “I would not recommend a company to a candidate that I wouldn’t recommend to family. After all, I want to continue to get referrals,” he jokes.

Success is also dependent on the franchisee, he says. “If I don’t hear passion, that’s a red flag. I recently worked with a candidate who didn’t seem excited about or comfortable with any franchise I showed him. I came to the conclusion that franchising just wasn’t right for him, and I encouraged him to keep his job. I am always more concerned for the candidate’s welfare than collecting a paycheck.”

IFPG Lifetime Achievement Award

This past October, at the 2023 IFPG Annual Retreat, Pasma was honored with IFPG’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and there was not a dry eye in the crowd. He is adored by everyone, from his colleagues and family to the candidates he’s guided into their own businesses. The impact he has made is immeasurable.

Simply said, Pasma is a class act. He keeps his priorities straight, putting family first and counting his blessings every day. This gratitude makes Pasma’s franchise consulting business so effective. He believes that leading with integrity and by example is ultimately the difference between success and failure. Pasma is a leader we can all look up to, and we’re grateful to learn from his outstanding example.

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