How Your Home Decorations Affect Your Mental Health

The environments that you inhabit on a day-to-day basis have a big impact on your mental health. The way that a room makes you feel has a lasting effect on your psyche and it is important to carefully consider the way you furnish your apartment. This article aims to give you some pointers of what to look out for in ways to positively impact your mental health through your home decorations.

Art That Speaks To You

People have been adorning their walls with art for hundreds of years. Blank walls are uninspiring and can make a room feel very bare. If you can fill some space with some art that you really like then it will make you feel better today. As mentioned on, getting a personalized neon sign can be a really nice touch for a room. These have the benefit of adding an additional colored light source, which can give a room a more interesting feel. Making sure you have some art that you like up on your walls is a good way to improve your mental health.


The colors present in a room have a big impact on your mood. Although not all colors have a negative connotation, sometimes they just don’t inspire good feelings. For a bedroom, for example, you might want some darker colors, to help with sleep but in a living space, you might want some more vibrant walls to excite you. If your home is all a neutral white color, it might be making you feel a bit dull. Experiment with some colors that you like and see which make you feel good. Having colors that you like in your home has the potential to positively affect your mental health.

Natural Light

One of the best things to have in a home to improve your mental health is to have lots of natural light. Although for some people this would not be possible, try to make the most of any windows that you have. If that still doesn’t seem to be enough, try to get a lamp that simulates daylight and this will improve your mood. Vitamin D is vital to feeling good and is present in sunlight. Making sure that your home feels as light and airy as possible can work wonders for your mental health.


There have been numerous studies done about the effect of plants on peoples’ moods. Overwhelmingly, they show that having house plants make people feel better. As well as helping oxygenate your home, they lift your mood and make you feel more connected to nature. This is a primal instinct and has an impact on your mental health. Having house plants is especially important for those who do not have easy access to parks or green spaces. There is also the additional impact of having to care for something living. This connection can help provide a person with an extra purpose and make them feel better. Having house plants around your home will help improve your mental health.

Make More Space

If you are struggling to feel good when you are at home, have a look around you. Are you finding that it is quite untidy and that this is stressing you out? It can be hard to stay on top of the mess in a home, especially if you don’t live alone. Studies have shown that decluttering a home can really help with a person’s mental health. If your flatmate or family member is very untidy, have a conversation with them and tell them how it is making you feel. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless for you to be happy but find a level that makes you feel good. Once you have made more space you should find that you rest easier and your mind is less cluttered.

Decorate For Your Mind

Furnishing a home is difficult. Whether there are money constraints or you are sharing with people you don’t know, it can be hard to make a space feel good. If you are feeling low or finding yourself easily stressed out, it might be to do with your home environment. By making sure that around your home there is; art that speaks to you, nicely colored walls, natural light, house plants, and more space should help put you in a better mood. Most people spend quite a lot of time at home so it is worth putting some effort in to make it a place that really works for you.

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