How This Franchise Team Created a Window-Washing Empire

This Squeegee Squad Executive Cares about Franchisees

Courtney Lightfoot Explains How Squeegee Squad Went from From Local Roots to National Heights

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When brothers Jack and Joe Ruegsegger teamed up to start the window-washing company Squeegee Squad, they were determined to instill the same values into the business that their own family relied on such as trust, communication and transparency. As the company expanded through franchising, continued focus on those values fostered a close relationship between Squeegee Squad’s management team and its family of franchisees.

“Franchising, like a family, requires trust and commitment to work toward common goals and values,” says Courtney Lightfoot, chief operating officer of Squeegee Squad. “The franchisor provides the model, training and support for franchisees to operate their businesses, much like a parent provides guidance and support to help their child grow and succeed.”

Squeegee Squad franchise
Squeegee Squad COO Courtney Lightfoot believes that franchising is like family. Top photo, from left to right: Joe Ruegsegger, Courtney Lightfoot, Jack Ruegsegger and Joe Antonello.

Squeegee Squad’s growth and success has come through with an emphasis on quality work and customer service. When the Ruegseggers started the company almost 25 years ago in Minnesota, they named it Jack & Joe’s Window Cleaning. At first, they promoted their company by handing out brochures in their neighborhood. Their reputation for providing excellent service grew with each job. Before long they were working throughout the metro area of the Twin Cities. The brothers eventually changed the company’s name to Squeegee Squad as part of a plan to build a national brand and add franchise partners to grow the business further. Today, Squeegee Squad has more than 60 locations across the country and claims to clean more buildings in the United States than any other company.

Squeegee Squad’s Services

In addition to geographic expansion, the company has steadily added services. Its portfolio of offerings includes pressure washing; gutter, roof and solar panel cleaning; maintenance of interior fixtures; snow plow work; installation of holiday lights; and high-rise window washing. More recently, Squeegee Squad has begun offering specialty services for restoring and maintaining commercial buildings. Technicians from the company can identify problem areas in a building and provide solutions such as waterproofing and caulking, glass restoration and exterior surface sealing. They can expertly clean an array of building surfaces including limestone, stucco, slate and marble.

We have established an outstanding family consisting of franchisees and team members.

A Team Mindset

Even as Squeegee Squad has grown, the company’s management has steadfastly upheld its commitment to support franchisees, Lightfoot says. “We genuinely care about our team members and franchisees. Weare reliable. Our Squeegee Squad management team is always a phone call away to provide encouragement, support and growth strategies to our franchisees and team members.”

Squeegee Squad franchise

Lightfoot says that the company has kept sight of its shared vision and shared values over the years. “We love franchising because of the unique symbiotic relationship between our management team and franchisees,” she says. “We have established an outstanding family consisting of franchisees and team members. It is a privilege to coach and support each franchisee to achieve success in their business with a model developed with years of diligent research, knowledge and experience.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Squeegee Squad franchise

In 2007, the management of Squeegee Squad decided to expand the business in a new direction: upward. So the company began offering window cleaning for high-rise buildings, a challenging service that requires state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that jobs are performed safely, including powered platforms, aerial lifts, scaffolding and water-fed poles. In addition, the technicians who do the work are thoroughly trained and adhere to strict protocols to prioritize safety and efficiency. Since the company first offered the high-rise service, the commitment to quality has produced such superior results that Squeegee Squad now cleans the windows of high-rise commercial buildings and municipal buildings in cities across the country.

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The Window Washing Industry

Squeegee Squad franchisees benefit from the booming window washing market. The global building window cleaning systems market is worth $2 billion, according to

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