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There are so many ways to make a living and so many options for starting a business, I guess that’s part of what makes capitalism so appealing. It is the endless possibilities and options for paving your own path and developing a new way forward. The franchise market certainly lives up to this theory with what seems to be an endless variety of new, innovative and fun brands to choose from and no industry segment has proven this more true than the health and beauty market segment.  With more and more people turning to alternative health and wellness services as a way to look and feel better, the franchise market has responded with some brands that bring incredible platforms to the mainstream market.

No one on the planet can talk about health and wellness right now without bringing up the CBD market.  This big and getting bigger every day industry segment is new and so full of opportunity it’s hard not to get buzzed about it.  CBD offers a wide range of benefits to the consumer, joint pain, cancer fighting, anxiety relief and many, many more benefits come with the incredible CBD product offerings.  As more states legalize the use of CBD products, this industry segment has a look of being the next gold rush.  The franchise market has seen several brands come to the industry offering CBD business models.  Franchise Marketing Systems has supported several of them in developing operating documentation, organizing the franchise offering and developing a franchise system.  Discover CBD and Gabberdunes are two of the new CBD Franchise brands who along with others offer a wide product selection, well-planned retail store models and an e-commerce component to the franchised business model.  Discover CBD has gone so far to go vertical by establishing production, distribution and warehousing facilities.  Both systems have just started to offer franchises and have their first franchisees signed on in a short time period bringing the Discover and Gabberdunes brands to more people in more areas.

The second area of beauty, health and wellness that has come mainstream is the alternative health and wellness service segment.  So many brands have been developed around this incredible market segment.  Things like laser hair removal, infrared sauna, botox and threading have become more accepted and generally gone mainstream.  What’s funny is that to most of us, what these services can do for people seem like something out of a sci-fi movie and produce results that no one thought were possible only a few years ago.  Harlem Zen Medspa is a great example of this scenario, the founder, Angela McTair, came at the industry from a business background after realizing that there were no options for people of color when it came to hair removal and high quality skin care services.  Harlem Zen incorporated the latest technology in MedSpa services, and developed a platform to deliver these services to this specific demographic.  The model is simple, well-defined, low investment and offers a wide range of high margin beauty services to a customer group in need of a brand to serve them. 

Brands such as Seva Beauty and Beauty First make “getting beautiful” quick and easy with convenient locations in high traffic areas.  Pricing is value-oriented, customer service is strong and the locations are warm, inviting and even accept people like me, Chris Conner, who as a 40 year old guy, would have never considered walking into a beauty salon in the past.  Beauty First is a newer franchise platform that launched from Ontario recently and has developed a simple, but high quality service model, primarily located in malls and high traffic shopping centers.  This is what people expect today and want when they want to look good; easy, affordable and quick service.  There still is a market for the really high-end, fancy salon where prices are high and people walk around with their nose in the air, but the growth opportunity in beauty is in the quick and convenient segment of the industry.

My advice: if beauty is something you feel passionate about and enjoy helping others look and feel their best, now is as good of a time as any to find a great business in this market.  For the right system, the numbers don’t get much better and this is a business where you can feel good about what you do every day helping others be the best version of themselves.

Christopher Conner is the President of Franchise Marketing Systems and has spent the last decade in the franchise industry working with several hundred different franchise systems in management, franchise sales and franchise development work. His experience ranges across all fields of franchise expertise with a focus in franchise marketing and franchise sales but includes work in franchise strategic planning, franchise research and franchise operations consulting. For more information on how to choose the right food service franchise, contact Chris Conner at

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