Giving Back Is Good for the Soul and for Business

As leaders of the franchising community, we all have the responsibility to give where and when we can. The franchising community has a long-established presence when it comes to giving back and it’s one of the reasons I’m so proud to work in this industry. Through the ongoing work of franchisors, company-wide initiatives or individual franchisees, the community-support efforts are immeasurable.

While many of us share a strong desire to support the community, franchise brands are each tailored to serve different audiences and their services vary. A fast-casual restaurant concept certainly has a fairly contrasting purpose and mission when compared with a senior care agency, but the importance of building a company with community top-of-mind is an effective method to help secure, and fuel long-term success across a variety of verticals.

For more than a decade, I’ve been part of the franchising and senior care industries. Through my work with Always Best Care, I’ve witnessed first-hand how following this ideology and empowering employees to give back can bring success to entrepreneurs. To help others understand its importance, I’ve shared the below recommendations detailing how business owners can create an environment that capitalizes on employees giving back to their community.

1. Identify Passion and Build On It

The first and most vital step towards making a positive change within your industry or community is to identify the cause that gets your employees out of bed. Passion will always be the main source of motivation that will feed their commitment to execute a successful campaign.

Recognizing that the senior care industry draws a group of passionate and eager individuals, Always Best Care has been able to establish a variety of charitable community efforts based on our founding purpose of inspiring change and improving quality of life. No matter your industry, your employees gravitated to your business for a reason and will help you determine a meaningful cause that supports both your their wishes and company values.

As an example, our caregivers provide assistance for individuals that suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, traumatic brain injuries and other life-altering and threatening diseases. To build on our desire to help, we’ve partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association on a national level and our franchisees assist in initiatives to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s within their communities. It’s essential that employees are passionate about the cause and their motivation will help establish strong visibility within key markets.

2. Invest In Your Employees, So They Invest In Your Community

Employees and franchisees want to be part of an organization that is committed to their development and success. Employees who feel valued and heard within your organization will be motivated to administer projects that are important to the community you service.

From a franchisor’s standpoint, I’ve found it most beneficial to create a business model that provides ongoing support for each individual franchisee and supply them with the tools needed to hire and train the right professionals in their market. At Always Best Care we provide franchisees with the resources needed to successfully run their business, so they are able to invest in employee support. This has resulted in team members and caregivers taking pride in their work and clientele, which builds a desire to support local charity events and fundraisers.

Once you recognize the importance of your employees’ needs, take the necessary steps to show your appreciation and invest in their growth so they feel empowered to do the same for your company’s efforts to better their communities.

3. Cater To The Cause

Lastly, allow your franchisees and employees the power to make a difference. As a franchise, you have access to a plethora of resources and hard working individuals who together can inspire positive change. Encourage your team members to bring forth organizations and causes they want to support and help them execute a plan.

Whether it’s through allotting time to work on a pro-bono project, providing resources or offering incentives to motivate additional team members to participate – having the backing from the leader of any organization will go a long way. Keep an open mind and listen to what your employees would like to accomplish. Tell them how you can support their initiative and help make their dream of giving back a reality.

By following these guidelines, you’ll shape your franchise to uphold the value and importance of community. Through building on the passions of those you employ, committing to their professional well being and empowering them with the tools needed to flourish within the industry, the possibilities are endless. A company culture that thrives on the importance of giving back has many benefits, and will ultimately generate a positive image and profitable business.

Jason Wiedder joined Always Best Care Senior Services as Vice President of Franchise Development in March 2018. Previously, he was Vice President of Franchise Development for Brain Balance Achievement Centers. With more than a decade of experience in franchise and senior care industries, he has held various senior management positions with companies such as A Right Place For Seniors an Senior Helpers where he helped grow the company from 3 franchises to 275 franchises.

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