Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop Rolls Into North Carolina With New Signed Franchise Agreement

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop™ an emerging eatery in the U.S. specializing in the creation of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese specialties, announced today that it has signed a franchise development agreement with husband-and-wife team Rajat and Anu Bedi to open one location in Charlotte. The new Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is expected to bring up 18 new jobs to the area.

The first Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop, known in Canada as Sushi Shop™ opened in 2000 and has since grown to more than 150 locations throughout our neighbor to the north.

“Sushi Shop’s/Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop’s Canadian presence has grown to over 150 locations because people fell in love with the inventive and creative menu, and we anticipate Americans will be just as passionate about the innovative sushi concept. We are thrilled that Charlotte is one of the first markets to welcome Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop, and we’re happy to collaborate with experienced franchise owners like the Bedis,” said John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development.

Acquired by MTY Franchising USA and managed by Kahala Brands™, the Bedis and other franchisees of Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop have the benefit of the franchisor’s unrivaled franchisee support. Every franchisee has full access to an R&D team with chefs dedicated to sweet and savory menu innovations, an in-house social media team, an in-house creative team to help with ads, promos and coupons, a full-service construction team, a hands-on, week-long training program, continuing education and more.

Charlotte’s first Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is expected to open in late 2019.

For more information about the Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchise opportunity, visit

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