Four Smart Tech Upgrades to Improve Your Franchise

One of the best ways a retail or restaurant franchise can improve their customers’ experience is through the installation of smart technology.

Implementing smart tech into your franchise can create the ideal ambiance in your franchise by improving the audio and visual quality of your space as well as implementing smart tech that can help you catch theft quicker. Here are a few smart tech upgrades that will improve the overall quality of your franchise.

Install Distributed Audio

The installation of distributed audio is one of the biggest things a commercial franchise can do to improve its space. Distributed audio allows sending audio to multiple speakers at your store. This is essential for any retail or restaurant franchise since you want to have music playing during store hours. You will want to purchase a mid-tier audio system if you are simply looking to play music as background sound. A mid-tier audio system will ensure your audio quality is not too loud and will not give a lot of distortion.

If you are a retail franchise you will want to make sure your distributed audio system has a PA system that can get messages to the whole store quickly and clearly. A PA system is an excellent tool during a store emergency and is also helpful at relaying store specials to clients as well as reaching employees quickly.

If you work at a restaurant or bar that has dancing or hosts watch parties, then you are going to want to purchase a high-tier audio distribution system. It is important that you understand the layout of your restaurant franchise so you know where to place the speakers and what volume each individual speaker should be at. Speakers for a dance floor should be placed differently than speakers for a dining area. You want to fill your space with sounds that fit your restaurant, not just fill your space with noise. The style of speakers may be different in different parts of the restaurant. A set of subwoofers may be needed on the dance floor but not needed at the bar. Audio systems are one of the first things your customers will experience when they enter your franchise so make sure you have the right sound system.

Smart Security Creates Peace of Mind

Every franchise owner should make the security of their business a top priority and one of the best ways you can beef up your security is through the installation of smart security cameras and smart security systems. Security cameras supply police with evidence if theft occurs and can deter potential criminal activity such as burglary. Franchise owners looking to install smart security cameras should install cameras that allow you to access them from your phone with the ability to easily zoom the camera in and take snapshots. You want to purchase a smart camera that transmits category cables over coax cables because category cables can support up to 24 cameras on one network.

I would also recommend installing an alarm system that can be controlled from your phone and installing window sensors on any building that has store windows as a potential access point.

Lighting and Visual Systems to Change Your Space

Installing smart lighting and video systems is a great way to improve the look of your retail or restaurant franchise. Good lighting and video systems can completely change the mood of a space. Franchise owners will want to invest in a smart lighting system that allows you to customize different light levels and set different themes. A retail space could set up a lighting system for a product display or a restaurant space could install controlled lighting to create a tailored dining experience with softer light.

The big thing right now in video systems is video matrixing. This is when you take a large 85 to 130-inch screen and tile them to watch a bunch of different games. This is a popular option for any restaurant franchisee looking to host watch parties for game days. You can also invest in a projector if you are looking to do visuals on one large panel.

Smart tech can be a boon to any franchise owner looking to improve the overall experience of their shop. The ability to seamlessly integrate your entire audio and visual systems means you can instantly change the ambiance of your franchise to something your customers will love. Installing the right smart tech in your franchise will change it for the better.

Adolfo Dolan is a Systems Design Consultant at Automated Environments in Mesa Arizona. Automated Environments specializes in the installation of automated systems and other smart technology for commercial and residential spaces.

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