Exploding the Myths

We are The Interface Financial Group, and we have been in business for over 44 years.  We have also been franchising our concept for about a quarter of a century.

Over that time span our franchise organization has grown into an international operation, operating in eight countries around the world.  As we have grown over the years, we have also “acquired” certain myths concerning our franchise and what it does, and the type of individuals that are attracted as franchisees.

The Interface Franchise Group has a very wide appeal, however, the myths that surround us sometimes limit the interest of individuals, so we take this opportunity now to explode three of the most common myths that surround the IFG franchise.

Myth number one – For you to be a successful Interface franchisee, you need to have a banking or accounting background. WRONG.

While this is a myth, there may be some acceptable reasoning for the belief that it benefits those who have such backgrounds, and who are considering a career change.

The service that our franchisees provide to their business clients is that of invoice discounting.  This means we work to accelerate the cash flow of our client companies.  We do this very simply and very quickly by buying specific invoices that they have rendered.  By turning those invoices into instant cash, we accelerate the cash flow for clients and take away the waiting period for payment.

Maybe this is how the myth occurred – people assume that because we work in a “money” environment, you need a banking or accounting type background.

While a ‘numbers’ background is good, it is not crucial.

What is crucial, however, is a solid business background that embraces the ability to communicate effectively, gather information and make a timely decision based on that information, and exhibit excellent ‘people skills’.

The ability to interact with people is of paramount importance for a successful franchisee. The numbers part and the paperwork part can be taught – the people skills, however, cannot be taught, and therefore a successful Interface candidate needs to have already acquired those skills when they start talking with us.

Myth number two – you will need unlimited funding for this type of business. WRONG.

Yes, we are in the financial services arena and yes, some working capital is needed as in any business. We work with our franchisees on every transaction and act as a co-funder alongside our franchisees.  In addition, we have built a leverage aspect into the financing to give all franchisees a boost in their income and, therefore, enable them to start with a modest capital and grow over a period of time.

Because of this unique ‘leverage’ feature, franchisees earn an income which is proportionally greater than their capital involvement.  Franchisees, therefore with Interface, enjoy a win–win situation, and they can get started with a modest capital involvement.

Myth number three – You need to work very hard to be successful as an IFG franchise. WRONG.

Hard work and smart work are definitely two different things. Successful Interface franchisees definitely fall into the ‘smart’ category.

If you are looking for a great franchise opportunity that gives you control over your time, your capital and your life style with a lot of hard work to make it happen, then read no further as The Interface Financial Group is not going to meet those requirements, or not at least as far as the hard work aspect is concerned.

We have divided the franchise into two sections.  The first one being the “people” part of the business, and the second being the “paper” part.  Our franchisees are only engaged in the “people” part of the franchise while we, as the franchisor, are involved in the paper part and the day-to-day management of transactions.

This leaves franchisees free to concentrate on the area where they excel – the people part of the business. Franchisees work with people to get things done, and they have comfort in knowing that there is a solid, proven 44-year-old system to take care of the day-to-day paper trail. With a transaction platform that is state of the art in delivery and performance, working smart is the ticket to success.

Sometimes things are just not what they seem.

Three very simple myths, all of which are just that – myths.  You don’t need a specific background in order to enjoy the benefits of an Interface franchise.  You certainly don’t need “millions” of dollars to operate such a franchise, and you will not be engaged in extensive travel, endless staff meetings and long hours.

If you are looking for that all-important career change and making a transition into self-employment and entrepreneurship, and if you are looking for a professional white-collar opportunity, then The Interface Financial Group is certainly an opportunity that you should explore.  Dispel the myths and take a look at a unique opportunity built on over four decades of experience.


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