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As a seasoned franchisor we get questions about our franchise each and every day. Because we have been franchising for over 20 years we can now almost anticipate what the exact questions are going to be. That knowledge has led us to turn things around and look at the great reasons why The Interface Financial Group (IFG ) is such a great opportunity.

Once people understand why it works and how it works, the questions all seem to evaporate.

What makes IFG tick?

We deliver an ‘in-demand’ financial service

The Interface Financial Group has been providing cash flow acceleration for their SME client base for over 40 years. We are invoice discounters to small business or ‘spot factors’, and we buy individual invoices to turn a future payment into a payment today. Something that is definitely in demand.

IFG is an opportunity with a ‘Low Capital” start up

IFG delivers their unique brand of financing through a franchise channel. The franchise, known as the IFG 50/50 franchise, has a low start-up cost and offers franchisees the opportunity to start modestly and grow at their own velocity.

Over 40 years of history

There are not many franchise organizations that can trace their roots back over 40 years. IFG does just that and brings a wealth of background, history and experience to the table, all for the benefit of their franchisees.

‘Working Together’ another key to success

Interface actually works alongside their franchisees with every single transaction. Interface handles the bulk of the paperwork, and Interface also joins with their franchisees in purchasing (funding) the selected invoices. This creates a great franchisee comfort zone, knowing that the franchisor handles the paperwork (over 40 years of experience), and the franchisor has capital in every transaction with their franchisees.

Work from Home

With IFG your daily commute to the office should be measured in minutes-5 should be the maximum! Home-based operations are very appropriate for IFG 50/50 franchisees, as they work with a sophisticated technology platform that keeps costs down while maximizing both client service and productivity.

Your timetable!

Working from a home-based office location immediately puts you in charge of your agenda. Working with Interface and their technology approach enhances that situation. IFG 50/50 franchisees are engaged in their franchise only during ‘core business hours’. No evenings, no weekends, and no working on holidays. The majority of franchisees also find that their ‘work load’ is easily covered in a time frame of less than 30 hours a week.

Building a client portfolio

In the area of predictable questions that we receive, this is either number one or two. Everyone wants to know, in detail, exactly how they will build their client base. It’s a very valid question as your clients are the backbone of your business. When we approach this question we usually start by talking about what we don’t do. We definitely don’t go cold calling and, in that same category, we don’t engage in telemarketing activities. Even in the conventional areas such as advertising or direct mail – we don’t do those either.

Interface franchisees are ‘networkers’. They build solid relationships in their local area to the extent that over time that networking activity turns into a trust relationship that results in business referrals. We are relationship marketers.
Over 40 years has shown us that this is not only the most professional marketing approach, it is also the most cost effective approach. Because this is a crucial area of our franchisee’s business, we actually engage with them to create their initial referral base. This ensures that every franchisee gets off to a great start.

The franchise is aptly named the IFG 50/50 franchise because we, as the franchisor, are very much involved and engaged with our franchisees on a daily basis. For individuals looking for a ‘white collar’ opportunity where they will have the comfort of someone working alongside them every day, and someone that will have a financial commitment with them every day, then the IFG 50/50 franchise represents a great opportunity.

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