Better Deal Printing Offers Better Opportunity for Franchisees

Better Deal Printing, a disabled veteran owned and operated company has already undergone some drastic changes in its tenure and it’s currently going through more.

Started in 2001 under the name Better Deal Advertising, owner Lawrence Curell changed the name to Better Deal Printing in 2009 to better showcase what the company does. He has added wide format, apparel, signage, brand management and sourcing divisions to the company over the past three years to expand the offering of products and service to the corporate and franchise communities that they serve.

In March 2014, Curell decided to franchise the company to continue growth and offer opportunities to others that want to own their own low cost franchise in the printing industry.

Headquartered in Prescott, AZ, Better Deal Printing is authorized to sell franchises in 36 states with California pending approval. The company officially launched its franchisee drive April 1 of 2015 and has received excellent responses to date.

Ideal Candidates

Curell said he’s looking for highly motivated, results-driven people who are accepting and tolerant of risk. Experience in the printing industry or sales experience would be beneficial, but not necessary, as the company offers a comprehensive 6 day training program at the corporate headquarters with ongoing franchisee support to help them succeed.

Aside from people who have that specific experience, he will be targeting veterans and disabled veterans. A disabled veteran himself, Curell said the franchise is easy to run from home, which makes it ideal for disabled veterans (although franchisees can opt to open a storefront location). The former Army paratrooper said he has strong incentives for veterans to join the Better Deal Printing franchise system and has made the incentives available through the VetFran program.

Eventually, Curell wants to expand internationally, expecting that to happen within the next five years. There is already interest from Canada and Dubai, the company owner said.

The company is already serving overseas companies with clients in 16 countries on four continents and all 50 U.S. States. With a strong foothold in the franchise community and with corporate clients in the U.S., the potential for sustained growth and opportunities for franchisees is excellent.

One of the reasons printing, promotional products and branded apparel is such a lucrative franchising opportunity is because virtually all businesses use some form of it, Curell noted. “Look around your home and you can find numerous items that are purchased by companies. Pens, business cards, shirts, vehicle wraps, signs, promotional items, we are a one stop shop for our clients and we make it easy to do business with us. This is an opportunity to continue the proud work that Veterans did while serving in the military, allowing them to thrive in their own Better Deal Printing franchise” stated Curell.

“Every business in the world uses our product and/or services,” he said, adding that it’s a $980 billion worldwide industry annually. Making it even more lucrative in the United States is that there are laws in place that will benefit a veteran-owned company. Currently, there are laws in 27 states that give veterans a preference for government purchases. The federal government also has such laws in place, requiring three percent of all federal government money to be spent with veteran-owned businesses. Several hundred corporate clients have also followed the government’s lead, instituting supplier diversity goals for spending, which veterans and disabled veterans are inclusive of.

This is part of the reason he’s targeting veterans and disabled veterans, because Better Deal Printing is currently federally certified and registered as a veteran-owned business. Better Deal Printing is the only company in the U.S. that is offering this opportunity and that is federally certified, something he believes big corporate customers will also be interested in from franchisees.

The Better Deal Difference

Aside from being federally certified, something else that makes Better Deal Printing different from its competition is that it does its own in-house production work, whereas other print providers outsource the production work to others. Owning its production facilities and equipment means Better Deal Printing can produce the franchisee’s product the same or next day when others can’t. Franchisees and clients can also get a better product form a better price because they deal directly with the manufacturer. This means his franchisees will have higher margins and make more money than their competitors.

Also good for franchisees is that Better Deal Printing charges a lower franchise fee and collects a lower royalty than the competition. And, owning all of their production equipment means Better Deal Printing can control the consistency, quality and speed of the products going out to franchisees and their clients. “We excel where others are unable to because we have the manufacturing under our own roof,” stated Curell.

Training and Support

Franchisees will have six days of training in Arizona with staff that currently sell and produce the products. Franchisees will learn all of the basics of printing, promotional products and apparel programs so they know the entire process of printing and selling their service, including making cold calls, lead generation, marketing plan execution, billing and all of the facets of the business that they need to be successful.

After three to four months of franchisees selling in their own area, either Curell or one of his staff will visit the franchisee’s area for another week of training, lead generation and to answer any questions that the franchisee may have. “I want to ensure that our franchisees have the support they need and are able to succeed in their market. If It takes additional training and support from the corporate office, we are there to help. We treat our franchisees like our customers – with respect, integrity and we offer them solutions to help them succeed. This is part of what differentiates us from our competition,” stated Curell.The franchisees will also benefit from their own website where customers can order online, ongoing lead generation and special pricing from the company owned production facilities to help them grow their Better Deal Printing franchise business.

With its dedication to customers and its solid franchising plan in place, the next big change for Better Deal Printing looks to be the transformation into a successful franchise business.

For more information on Better Deal Printing franchise opportunities, please contact Larry Curell at 928-445-8363 or

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