Veterans in Franchising February Cover Story

Better Deal Printing – Providing New Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Service, sacrifice, dedication and honor are ingrained in the heart and soul of every military service member.

From their first day in military training until the day they leave the military to pursue a civilian career, members of the military understand what it takes to succeed, persevere and serve others. Veterans retain highly valued skills such as leadership, management and attention to detail learned from their military service.

They want to succeed but sometimes lack adequate opportunity in the workplace, which provides them an excellent opportunity to start their own business.

For franchise businesses, veterans hold skill sets that are critical to their operations; skills such as leadership, integrity, commitment and risk tolerance, all learned through military service.
There are generous opportunities that franchise businesses provide both individually and through the IFA’s VetFran program that provide veterans the opportunity to own their own business through franchising. While the different franchise businesses offer a plethora of choices through the VetFran program, it all boils down to one thing; franchise businesses see the value of veterans’ skillsets and want them in their systems, which provides excellent opportunities for veterans as well as the franchise businesses.

Having participated in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs vocational rehabilitation self-employment program, Lawrence Curell, a service disabled veteran and CEO of Better Deal Printing, LLC
knows firsthand how difficult it can be.
“I started as a one person operation in 2001 and grew the company to where we are today by treating our customers and employees as I treat my family, taking care of them and following through on the commitments I make to them. Over 80% of our employees are military veterans. A staff that delivers excellence, value and quality products combined with the support of multiple franchisors
that have chosen Better Deal Printing, LLC as a supplier, we have been able to consistently grow to serve all 50 states and international clients in 16 countries on 4 continents.”

Better Deal Printing, LLC was started in 2001 to provide high quality, low cost printing and graphic design services to local clients. In 2009 the company headquarters was moved to Prescott,
Arizona. In 2011, a large format and signage division was added to better serve clients and fill additional market needs. In 2013, an apparel and promotional products division was also added to establish a foothold in the growing promotional product and branded clothing industry. In 2014, a sourcing and fulfillment division was added to source unique, cutting edge products for clients.

The company has earned numerous local awards, been featured in Vetrepreneur™ magazine, Franchising World Magazine and won the Diversity Inc’s “Top 500” U.S. privately held companies title in
2013. Additionally, Better Deal Printing was nominated for the national Golden Ink award for service, value and quality in 2014.

Because of the support Better Deal Printing has received from the franchise community and seeing another opportunity to help veterans and continue growth, in March of 2014, Better Deal Printing engaged a trusted partner, RBZ, LLP’s Franchise Services Group to begin the franchise consulting process, ultimately launching franchise sales in 36 U.S. states starting in January of 2015.

With our own production equipment and being able to print anything from paper products, banners, signs, promotional products and corporate apparel to providing branded e-commerce web portals for franchisors, Better Deal Printing continues to grow annually by triple digits.

When discussing some of the keys to Better Deal Printing’s success in the printing industry, the Better Deal Printing team follows a few crucial principles:

• Treat our customers like family. Take care of their needs and deliver integrity.
• Treat our staff with respect and empower them to make decisions.
• Always follow through with the customer. Under promise and over deliver.
• Give back and support our communities through our philanthropic efforts.
• Deliver Service, Value and Quality in everything we do.
• Create a culture where employees and clients are working together to form creative solutions to their branding, marketing and printing needs.

Better Deal Printing is offering low entry cost franchise opportunities that will allow veterans and disabled veterans the opportunity to put their hard earned military skills to use in their own Better Deal Printing franchise. Whether the franchisee wants to work from home or have a traditional brick and mortar location to work from, they know they will receive the support, commitment and assistance that they need to successfully grow their franchise, while allowing them the opportunity to maintain a work life balance.

Understanding how critical deadlines are and the importance of impeccable service, excellent value and high quality workmanship, veterans get the job done for their clients. With the right franchisees, given the right opportunity at the right time, it’s a perfect recipe for success.

The U.S. census data from 2007 (the latest available) shows that over 9% of U.S. businesses, a total of 2.4 million were owned by veterans. These businesses generated $1.2 trillion and employ
5.8 million people. Realizing this, the franchise community has responded by growing the VetFran program and every single day additional franchise businesses join the initiative to provide opportunities for veterans.

With franchise businesses being an integral part of the United States economy and growing opportunities for veterans through the support of the federal government’s initiatives and the franchise
community, the positive impact that franchise businesses have on America’s wounded warriors is significant both to the business community and the veteran.
Becoming a franchise business that provides opportunities for veterans is not only socially responsible in giving back to those who served but it is also a true win – win for everyone involved.

The Better Deal Printing family is proud that we are able to begin offering franchise opportunities to qualified veterans.
For more information visit: or Call us on 928-445-8363

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