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Sherie Wright truly enjoys helping people and after working at a home health agency for many years, she decided to start her own business and be even more available to her clients.

All About Loving Care, Inc. specializes in senior care, but rather than focusing on the medical side of the business, the company helps people live independent lives.

The company started in 2009, but Wright has twenty years experience in the field of living assistance. Although, her previous experience focused on clients who were sick and involved skilled nursing, she was quite successful in that position even without any medical background. “I am not a nurse and I could see a need for a non-medical agency.” said Sherie.

Sherie took business into her own hands and started an agency that helps those in need but from a different standpoint. She wanted to help people live a more independent lifestyle, with reliable assistance.

Most of the clients at All About Loving Care are seniors, although the company considers anyone who needs assistance. There is a population of seniors who are not necessarily sick but may need support with the daily task of living such as bathing, shopping, respite, or chores, for example.

Some clients may face debilitating circumstances, and some may only need help with light housekeeping, either way, All About Loving Care helps keep clients in the comfort of their own homes.

Before becoming involved with living assistance, Sherie worked in a variety of fields including teaching for five years and later real estate. After working with a health agency, she knew her true calling.

“I did marketing for another home health agency and I did very well, I just decided this is what I want to do with the rest of my life and from that marketing position, I just started my own business,” explained the founder. “It’s been over twenty years that I have been doing this type of business.”

Sherie is extremely passionate about what she does and believes her personal approach sets her apart from other home-care facilities. “When I take a client, I usually let them know that I am here for them. In other words my cell phone goes to bed with me. They know that if there is an emergency in the evening, or if they just want to talk with someone, they can always call  me. They will not get an answering machine, they will get me,” said Sherie.

Those interested in becoming a franchisee should possess a lot of passion and commitment. “First of all you have to have a keen sense of what seniors need and you have to love them. It is such a gratifying thing for me because a lot of them are very much alone. The family is probably away. They aren’t enjoying being dependent. They need a lot of nurturing, so you really have to be someone who has a great sense of caring for seniors,” said Sherie of potential franchisees.

Sherie has also begun a non-profit agency for those needing assistance but may not have the ability to afford it. “I found that I was running around on Sundays cooking different meals for so many people and I just had to help them,” recalled Sherie. “The idea came forward where I can solicit donations and hopefully help more people. It is all new and I just started this year but I am very optimistic about it.”

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