Food Franchising Part 2

A well-known franchising option is the food industry. Whether it’s fast food take out or high end restaurants, the business of food service always has an opportunity to expand beyond a street corner.

Once consumers begin to enjoy a meal and experience, they want their palate to relive the same taste from other areas of town at different times of day. People always have to eat, and they appreciate good food from a familiar place and are willing to spend money for a guaranteed experience.

Food franchises bring consistency to the table, with a variety of options. Some restaurants are family friendly, while others are simply fast food focused. Both options guarantee success because it automatically comes loaded with a familiar logo, established marketing and a consumer base.

However, food reaches well-beyond the typical restaurant and it’s time to look outside the box when it comes to food franchising. Outside the walls of restaurants are fast food industries that have changed dynamically over the last decade: grocery stores with great profitability, natural health food establishments and a variety of different dessert bars.

Fast Food

Of course the fast food restaurant is a big part of the franchising corporation and puts franchising on the map as an option for every American to run their own business, not just the supremely rich. Though it does come with a great start up fee, it’s a tried and true guarantee for success. The world may be seeking healthier options, but it’s bombarded with schedules and timelines that are not conducive with home cooked meals. Everyone finds themselves at the drive thru on a hectic day or for a quick treat.

According to the website , 52 percent of Americans think it’s easier to do your taxes than it is to eat healthy. That’s over half the population that’s confused by how to pursue a healthy diet. The fast food industry appeals to this population. While also adhering to young kids with flashy toys and quick meals, young adults with little money, and working families with no time.

Fast food has also started providing salads and healthy options to adhere to all of its consumers, while also dabbling in coffee and dessert options. Recently, a lot of fast food franchises have also started serving all day breakfast options to give people what they want whenever they want it.

For an easy franchise that can essentially run itself on its name brand and operations method, the fast food industry would be a safe and successful choice for investors.

Grocery Stores

A considerable investment would be a grocery store which has grown into a whole other type of business. The grocery store has expanded its shelves to more than just produce. What used to be the pit stop before supper is now a department store for all your needs.

Grocery stores now have aisles dedicated to household cleaners, storage and items. Some even carry clothing and beauty products. It’s become a bulk shop instead of a source of food.

There are subcategories of grocery chains: drug stores are starting to carry food to keep up with the bigger grocery chains. While gas stations and convenience could fall under the food franchise, since it specializes in snack foods.

For those interested in grocery store franchises and it’s subcategories, the first step is research. How much marketing does each franchisor offer? How recognizable is the company? How much competition is within your desired territory?

A new consideration to review is the product: how many recognizable brands are sold in the store and how many categories of products are offered?

Reach out to other franchisees and ask them the pros and cons of owning a grocery store and compare it with convenience store franchisee’s personal experience.

Natural Food store

While 1 in 4 people eat fast food everyday, there is still a strong push for a healthier lifestyle. Natural food stores have jumped onto that consumer desire and flipped a profit. Natural food stores specializes in specific foods that adhere to certain diets, allergies or limitations.

As people have more and more access to information through the internet, there is an ongoing trend in food that is constantly being invented. From gluten- free to ketogenic, it’s hard to keep up with the best way to lose weight or be healthy in general.

Natural food franchises make it easy for the franchisee to keep up with the ongoing needs of its consumers. Rather than being responsible to keep up with all the fitness gurus, the franchisor will provide the rotation of products and supplements for you. Support and marketing give franchising natural food stores a leg up on the competition.

For those interested in a healthier lifestyle and providing different options to the public, this is a great option for investment.

Dessert Bar

Dessert specific restaurants are also a franchise opportunity in the food industry. For those with a sweet tooth, ice cream bars, candy stores and cupcake bakeries are an ongoing business trend that has been successful.

Some of these franchise are offered as small pop ups with a smaller start-up price tag because the location cost is lower. Ice cream stores can be located within a mall through a small kiosk.

Franchisees can choose a flavour specific to their palate: from popcorn to smoothies, and cookies to chocolate, junk food franchises have no limitations. Plus, everyone loves a good dessert; according to, Americans consume over 10 billion donuts a year.

To get a feel for options, simply take a flavorful journey through the mall and narrow down what type of dessert you would love to work with: do you prefer salty or sweet? Candy or chocolate? Drinks or food? Then take note of what kind of location you would prefer for your franchise, and what type of reputation certain dessert bars have within your territory.

Of course, food franchises are not limited to the options discussed. It’s the widest franchising option available. Food is served everywhere and anywhere, because everyone has to eat. It’s just how you want to go about it.

Most food franchise do have a bigger start up fee, but their map to success has been laid out in stone and is a safe bet to profitability. A lot of food services have expanded to other services and products in line with the busy American lifestyle.

Food franchises offer a great work life balance, because the franchisee is rarely involved in the operations. It’s been laid out to run itself in a successful and profitable way.

If food is your desired business investment, don’t sell yourself short but take the time to really cleanse your palate and stuff yourself with all the information before choosing from the franchise menu.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

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