Fantastic Sams Hair Care Salons Enhance Payment Security With Ingenico Group and Epx

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color announced that it would be upgrading its point of sale (POS) terminals across all of its franchise locations in North America by deploying

Ingenico Group’s iCT 250 smart terminals with EPXPay. The driving forces behind this

upgrade for Fantastic Sams were the need for payment security and a desire to provide a seamless payment experience for its customers. By powering Ingenico Group’s smart terminals with EPXPay, Fantastic Sams is equipped with an EMV-certified terminal application with best-in-class encryption, tokenization technology, and end-to-end processing services to securely handle card-present transactions.

For franchisors that offer a wide range of services it can be challenging to approach safety and security with the same vigor as convenience and simplicity, but Fantastic Sams has met it head on. Linda Chadwick, president & CEO of Dessange Group North America, Fantastic Sams’ parent company, said in a press release, “We are excited to offer our customers a secure payments experience throughout all our locations in North America as we continue to grow and expand our business.”

The security of customers’ payment data remains imperative in today’s age of commerce, and Fantastic Sams has shown its commitment to that in its latest partnership with Ingenico Group and EPXPay.

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