How Verlo Mattress Attracts and Retains a Loyal Team

Family-Friendly Verlo Mattress Understands the Importance of a Happy Corporate Team and Franchisees

The Mattress Store Franchisor Has Created a Winning Culture with an Inclusive Work Environment

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Helping customers get a better night’s sleep isn’t the only priority at Verlo Mattress. The company is also intent on keeping employees engaged and happy. The innovative mattress store franchisor has attracted loyal and talented individuals to its corporate team, thanks to flexible and forward-thinking policies.

Staffers Emily Espinoza and Kiera Hankes were attracted to the brand not only for its unique value proposition and potential for growth, but also for its inclusive environment and great culture. They both agree that the company is female- and family-friendly. Here, they share how employment with Verlo has impacted their personal and career growth and how the company empowers women.

Emily Espinoza, Director of Franchise Administration

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Emily Espinoza enjoys being a key player on Verlo’s leadership team. She was promoted to her current position two years after she started as franchise administrator in January 2021. As a co-parent of a 10-year-old boy, Espinoza is happy to have found a flexible employer that values work-life balance. “The hybrid-remote work environment helps me play a more significant part in his life by giving me the flexibility to attend daytime and early evening school events and extracurricular activities,” she says. Espinoza says Verlo empowers women by making sure they have an equal representation and equal voice at both the corporate and store levels.

Without women being involved in the decision-making at the top levels of business, the outcome may be less desirable for women on the receiving end.

Emily Espinoza, Director of Franchise Administration

She is happy the company recognizes the benefit of having women as front-line team members in Verlo’s retail stores. “Female consumers are projected to control over 75% of the discretionary spending in this category,” she says. “Without women being involved in the decision-making at the top levels of business, the outcome may be less desirable for women on the receiving end.”

Kiera Hankes, Marketing Coordinator

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Kiera Hankes started with Verlo Mattress in July 2022 and has been impressed with the company’s culture and commitment to work-life balance. She feels that Verlo values diversity, inclusivity and providing equal opportunities to the corporate team and franchisees. “My team highly values our female counterparts and empowers us,” she says. As marketing coordinator, Hankes helps manage Verlo’s messaging. She enjoys her creative role and understands the importance of branding. “I ideate, create and implement marketing campaigns across all social platforms to strengthen brand awareness.”

Women in business should seek out strong mentors.

Kiera Hankes, Marketing Coordinator

Although she is not in a leadership role at the time, Hankes has her sights set on becoming a director for the company in the next two years. She believes that women should advocate for themselves and speak up about their accomplishments, ask for promotions, and actively pursue opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities. She also values experience. “Women in business should seek out strong mentors and sponsors who can provide guidance and support as they navigate their career paths.”

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The U.S. Mattress Market

We all need to sleep, and sleep is easier on a great mattress. According to Verlo’s website, the U.S. mattress market is estimated to be worth $18.9 billion by 2023. The sleep economy is projected to grow annually by 3.6% to $95 billion by 2024.

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