The Emotional Benefits of Becoming a Senior Care Franchisee

An inside look at the sector that provides not only a strong business model, but emotional fulfillment.

As an immigrant from the Philippines, I started my own business not only to make a better life for myself and my family, but to help others. When I left my parents behind, I spent a lot of time finding a local reliable caregiver so that I knew that they were being taken care of by someone who really cared for them. I had to learn to place my trust in someone who could provide support when I could not physically be there. After going through this experience, I decided to start 1Heart Caregiver Services so that I could provide a way to bring peace of mind to both seniors who needed support, as well as their loved ones who want to make sure they are getting the care they need.

Caregiving franchises’ strength during uncertain times

The senior care sector is booming and now more than ever, people are thinking about their elderly loved ones and worrying about their safety and wellbeing. Everyone has their own reasons to invest in caregiving services. We work very hard to earn the trust of seniors and their families, and we are seeing a lot of success because people know that we can take care of their loved ones in a safe and efficient manner.

The need for senior care has been rising even before the pandemic, with the baby boomer population continuing to age and the overall increase in cognitive disorders among the elderly. Currently, every 66 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and this number is expected to increase. Additionally, the pandemic period has shown a significant increase in loneliness, anxiety, fear and cognitive disorder among seniors. These factors alone have led to the increased need in senior care, and the ongoing pandemic has pushed many Americans to turn to professionals to take care of their loved ones who are living alone and in need of assistance.

More than just a business opportunity

It is very clear that senior care franchises are poised for growth and becoming a franchisee in this industry not only opens up a great business opportunity, but a chance to make a lasting impact on others.

When we meet with prospective franchisees, the first thing I ask them is why they want to join our growing caregiving brand. This type of franchise will not thrive if the owner is just looking to make money. It is a business that needs to be driven by a compassionate owner who is looking to make a difference in people’s lives.

We offer a wide variety of services; some are more technical and focused on the client’s health, like medication supervision, Alzheimer’s care, and personal hygiene, but other services are as simple as companionship. It is truly amazing to see how something as simple as social interaction with a cheerful caregiver can make such a lasting impact on a senior who otherwise would be lonely. Our caregivers are able to build meaningful relationships with each client. With each new franchisee that joins the team, we are able to make an even bigger impact.

Our experienced caregivers get regular trainings through our 1Heart Caregiver University arming them with knowledge and skills needed to help our care recipients. This makes it easier for our franchisees to find the best caregiver to match the needs of the seniors needing help in their area. To have such a presence in the community and be able to help improve the quality of life for seniors right in your backyard is more than fulfilling.

Operating your own business is not something to take lightly. You have to think about your “Why” as a person, and how your new business can help achieve that “Why.” The financial gain is just a by-product of your efforts.

There are so many amazing franchises out there, but not all allow the owners to take control of their destiny and improve the lives of others, especially those in the elderly community who are facing difficulties now more than ever.

Through our team and case management models, family members can rest assured that their loved one is being monitored for optimal health. Our caregivers are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but they are also trustworthy, tactful, and great listeners who are sensitive to the feelings of the seniors in care. That is the very foundation of a good caregiver services franchise. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that is emotionally fulfilling and will enable you to help others every day, then a caregiving franchise may be right for you.

No one can escape aging. Whenever I see the seniors we take care of, I see myself at their age in their shoes and there’s nothing more that I could hope and wish for than to have someone like our caregivers take care of me.

Belina Calderon-Nernberg is the founder and CEO of 1Heart Caregiver Services, a growing franchise that serves seniors by helping them with daily needs through high quality care. 1Heart’s services include companionship, home care, hospital sitting, personal assistance, short-time “express” packages, and 24-hour care. 1Heart places strong emphasis in the training of caregivers, and the brand’s “Caregiver University” has trained approximately 2,200 caregivers throughout Southern California. The brand currently has ten locations throughout California and Nevada and is looking to open new franchise locations nationwide. For more information, please visit

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