Avendelle Assisted Living Offers Personalized Senior Care

Avendelle Assisted Living franchise

The Private Home Setting Offers an Alternative to Large Senior Care Facilities

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DeShaun Sellers is a man on a mission with his Avendelle Assisted Living franchise, which is named Miss Bell’s Assisted Living after his grandmother. “She was a big part of my life and spent the last two years of her life in a poorly run nursing home. She didn’t deserve to live the rest of her days that way,” says Sellers, who has operated his Knightdale, N.C., franchise since June 2022. “Now I have an opportunity to care for other people’s loved ones, and I make sure that we have an elevated standard when it comes to care.” His franchise– like all Avendelle Assisted Living franchises – focuses on attentiveness and personal service to every resident.

Avendelle Assisted Living Franchise

Avendelle’s Business Model

“I love the Avendelle business model,” Sellers says. “I like the idea of being able to provide total care on a small scale. This decreases stress for employees because now they don’t have to care for 10 to 15 residents all by themselves during a shift. They share the duty with one other person, creating an excellent 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio. This is also good for those families that have a loved one who needs more hands-on care. We are able to make sure they are checked on frequently.”

Even the larger facilities like what we bring because when their residents need a higher level of care, they can refer them to us.

Sellers was, and still is, a residential real estate investor, but Avendelle’s training and support gave him the know-how and confidence to succeed with a different business. “I like the feeling of being a part of a team.” Since 2016, corporate headquarters has helped each franchise’s development with public relations, advertising, management software and technical support, and networking with referral organizations and businesses. “There are not a lot of organizations like us in our area. Even the larger facilities like what we bring because when their residents need a higher level of care, they can refer them to us.”

Giving Back

Sellers is all about community, with his generosity manifesting in various ways. “I love to donate my time and money to anything dealing with children. I am a volunteer basketball coach; basketball is my passion, and I love sharing that with kids. I also donate to my good friend Lamar Mitchell’s Cutz By Quick back-to-school drives. For the past 11 years, we have provided thousands of dollars in free school supplies and free haircuts for kids at the beginning of each school year.”

Those feel-good endeavors complement the gratification that Sellers reaps from his Avendelle franchise. “Families tell us they love what we provide, especially those that have someone who can’t do very much for themselves.” Franchising nationally since 2016 and with 14 homes operating, Avendelle offers protected territories around the U.S., with a concentration in the Eastern Seaboard.

A Different Approach to Assisted Living

Avendelle Assisted Living franchise

Avendelle Assisted Living is laser-focused on individualized care. Here’s how an Avendelle franchise deviates from typical assisted living facilities:

  • It operates in a converted residential home.
  • Only five to eight residents occupy the home.
  • Two caregivers are on-site 24/7 to help, but residents can do some tasks independently if they wish.
  • The high staff-to-resident ratio allows caregivers to stay attuned to altered behavior and physical symptoms. Caregivers learn each client’s patterns and quickly notice a change in mood, health or sleep; they request specialized follow-up care as warranted.
  • Residents can decorate, choose activities and maintain their preferred schedules. Avendelle franchises are not institutionalized facilities that adhere to a fixed schedule.

Assisted Living Statistics

According to ConsumerAffairs.com, more than 810,000 people reside in assisted living facilities, and there will be nearly 1 million new senior living units by 2040.

For more information about the Avendelle Assisted Living franchise, visit https://avendelle.com/franchise/.

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