Daphne’s Debuts New Menu Items as Part of Larger Rebranding Efforts

Daphne’s, the fresh and wholesome fast casual known for its nourishing and healthy Mediterranean-inspired offerings, is embarking on a journey to regain footing in a crowded fast-casual segment by rebranding its image to appeal to a new, younger generation of restaurant-goers. The 30-year-old brand has revitalized its menu to focus on contemporary dishes that highlight trending ingredients and can be customized to fit modern day diet and lifestyle preferences. Daphne’s is entering four new markets and two new states in 2019, and will also be strengthening their hold in existing markets with the opening of new locations in Southern California.

The brand’s menu changes were spurred by guest feedback and industry trends that show an increased preference in health-focused dishes and customizable menu options. Trending health foods and ingredients will be the focus of Daphne’s quarterly limited-time offers, with turmeric being the main focus for the brand through June 30.

“Daphne’s has earned a reputation for its healthy and thoughtful fare over the last three decades, but we wanted to take the menu to the next level by adding in trending, buzzy ingredients like turmeric and seasonal seafood, which are largely unseen in our fast casual competitors,” said Michael Nakhleh, President of Daphne’s parent company, Elite Restaurant Group. “Unveiling a newer, contemporary menu perfectly aligns with the timing of our expansion and rebrand, and as we continue to grow into new markets across the U.S., we’re eager to introduce Daphne’s healthful offerings to new communities.”

For more information about Daphne’s, visit www.daphnes.biz.

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