Couple Finds Success with Temporary Wall Systems Franchise

This Couple Thrives as Franchisees with Temporary Wall Systems

Cody and Andie Herbsters’ Franchise Journey with TWS

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Cody and Andie Herbster spent months looking at different concepts for their next business venture but ended their search with Temporary Wall Systems (TWS). The company provides containment solutions to wall off construction and renovation areas in commercial settings such as hospitals, office buildings and retail centers.

With a decade of commercial real estate development experience, Cody is at home in the construction space and believes in the quality of the product and service. “Their unique offering has been well received across the industry, and business is rapidly expanding,” he says.

The Herbsters opened for business in June 2023 in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and they currently handle all aspects of their TWS location directly as co-owners. With the goal of expanding “quickly yet meticulously” with more TWS locations throughout the Midwest, they are in the process of hiring a general manager to help with daily operations.

The Franchise Opportunity

The Herbsters enjoy playing an active role in the business and growing at their own pace. As TWS franchisees, they benefit from a B2B executive model, limited employee requirements, flexible hours and affordable start-up costs. The home-based opportunity also allows franchise owners to grow across multiple industries (construction equipment rental and hospital construction and renovation) and obtain passive income through rental fees.

Ideal TWS Franchisees

Ideal candidates run the gamut from passionate entrepreneurs, couples, veterans, women, and semi-retirees with management and customer service skills. Although construction industry experience is beneficial, professionals from other sectors can still succeed with support and training. TWS’ initial training program takes place at its home office location for three to five days with additional on-site instruction of up to three days. The Herbsters had a positive experience with the program before opening the franchise.

The sheer magnitude of experience across the company is staggering.

Support From HomeFront Brands

TWS franchise

They have been impressed with the support they have received from HomeFront Brands. “The sheer magnitude of experience across the company is staggering.” The couple praises HomeFront for being driven to ensure every brand, employee and business owner grow efficiently and effectively. “There are no closed doors, no questions unanswered and no voices left unheard. The leadership team at TWS is focused on perfecting the systems in place and providing continued innovation for the brand as we continue to grow.”

The couple has found business ownership both challenging and rewarding. “Having the opportunity to build personal relationships with clients is something I will always consider exceptionally fulfilling,” Cody says.

About Temporary Wall Systems

TWS franchise

Here are the six steps to how Temporary Wall Systems (TWS) works from start to finish.

  • Estimate: TWS is called to discuss a client’s temporary containment needs or schedule a time to visit a renovation site. The franchisee’s team determines the scope of the project and provides a free quote.
  • Mobilize: The team cleans and sanitizes the system and loads it into the delivery vehicle.
  • Delivery: The system is brought to the client’s job site.
  • Install: Technicians have the renovation project contained within hours.
  • Dismantle: Technicians return and dismantle the containment solution after the renovation project is completed.
  • Remove: The containment solution is mobilized and loaded into the delivery vehicle.

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Construction Equipment Rental Market

Like 35% of Fortune 500 companies, TWS is proudly family-owned, and the containment solutions provider helps franchisees succeed in the construction equipment rental market. According to Global Market Insights, the market surpassed $130 billion in 2022.

HomeFront Brands

HomeFront Brands offers community-based opportunities that inspire and support franchisees to make an immediate and lasting impact. The umbrella company’s home services portfolio includes Window Hero, The Designery, Temporary Wall Systems, Top Rail Fence, Mozzie Dome and BiltRite.  

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