CBD Tinctures To Fit Your Lifestyle And Your Handbag

More often than not we have begun a change in our lifestyle whether it be for mental re-evaluation, physical fitness, or simply wanting to eat healthier, and usually with a goal in mind that you hope to achieve.

Then, after a few days and nights of research into what it will take to get the ball rolling and how best to implement the necessary changes into your life the doubt begins to creep in.

Powders need mixer shakers and effort to put together, supplements need measuring and dosages, and not to mention needing to portion control all of the ‘groceries’ as we all know that for some reason any fitness food supplement tends to come in the smallest packaging of 5kg. This is not something you want to be carrying to and from the gym each time I can assure you, that in itself would be a pre-workout warmup.

So now what? Well, this is usually the stage in the process (which has yet to begin if you’re honest with yourself) where people tend to throw in the towel just at the thought of the amount of work it will require to get it all up and running.

Rescue packaging.

Now that we know we don’t want to be lugging a suitcase of protein powders and tablets around everywhere we go, looking to smaller packaged products would be the next option, and what brings me to my topic for today.

I too was in the same boat of not wanting to spend hours portioning and measuring just to make health changes, life is busy enough as it is, so when I discovered this product it changed my life and made my day. I am talking about CBD tinctures.

Firstly, what are tinctures? A descriptive and in-depth version of the explanation can be seen here but for a more ‘basic’ account, a tincture refers to a solution of ethanol and extract- in most cases from an animal or plant source, and in this case from the Cannabis sativa flower plant.

These extracted concentrates are then used in creating or making a foundation for new and improved medicines. The ethanol helps with the preservation of the mix but has been shown to essentially dilute the purity or alter the genetic balance.

Just the right size.

I have been using CBD in many forms for several years now already and although I have made the options of products and ingredients fit within my daily routine, I am always open to new and innovative ideas if it makes my life that much easier. Hence the CBD tincture felt like the perfect fit.

After using Cannabidiol for a few months I am well versed on the benefits CBD has to offer, and not wanting to lose stride in my increasingly busy work routine I needed to find something that could be with me during the day for a pick me up or a de-stress helping hand that fits into my purse.

The compact size of the tincture practically called my name. If it has been a particularly tough day at the office, I take the little bottle out with the dropper lid attachment, drop a few squirts under my tongue, and within no time my anxiety levels have reduced and I can refocus on the best solutions to the pending issues.

Find what works for you.

Now that you have heard my side of the story and are eager to get things started – because the simplicity of the product that doesn’t alter on quality is something you need in your life – you need to ensure your supplier adheres to rules and regulations when talking about manufacturing.

You may not be concerned whether they follow the harvesting guidelines in terms of legality, but you will want a reputable company that does so you know you are getting the best quality and concentration of CBD for your money.

The higher the grade of CBD in your purchase the more likely you are to feel the effects of the oil. It is all good and well trying to go the ‘cheap’ route, but you risk buying a ‘diluted’ product and not experience the positives that this plant has to offer. For professional help and guidance why not check out cheefbotanicals.com to see the varieties and options on the market all the while getting tips on how to use the products to their potential.

Why tinctures.

What appeals to most people when using them is the fact that you are in control, with the dropper lid function you don’t run the risk of ‘overdosing’ or adding too much to a product (baked CBD goods anyone) and thus wasting a fair amount when you could have got the same effect with less.

Strength is another factor that came up in conversation when chatting to CBD users. Different tincture bottles come in varying strengths eliminating the need to add double the dosage of a less potent concentration, if you know it is going to be a particularly long day you simply grab the stronger version, pop it in your bag and carry on with your day without any fuss.

There can be no more excuses as to why you can’t implement CBD into your busy work calendar anymore, gone are the reasons why you had to give up being healthy, and onward and upward to a bright future with CBD tinctures by your side.

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