Cartridge World Launches Flexible Executive Franchise Model

cartridge world franchise

President Gregory Carafello Touts Recurring Revenue, Remote Work Benefits, and Limitless Market Potential

Cartridge World President Gregory Carafello is bullish on his brand and its newly released executive model franchise opportunity. He describes the B2B franchise as the perfect business opportunity. “It’s easy to start up, there’s recurring revenue, you can work from anywhere, and there is a huge market,” he says. 

Cartridge World president Greg Carafello
Gregory Carafello

The Cartridge World franchise has a long history, dating back to 1988. The global brand is known as a leader in toner printer cartridges and custom B2B services. With over 110 U.S. franchisees and hundreds more outside the U.S. in over 20 countries, Cartridge World has helped hundreds of thousands of individual and corporate customers worldwide. But despite its successes, Carafello believes the company hasn’t even come close to its potential. “We are just getting started,” he says. 

Like any forward-thinking company, Cartridge World is constantly evolving and improving. The company started with brick-and-mortar retail locations but saw an opportunity to launch a remote model that offers the ultimate work-life balance and tremendous potential for franchisees. 

With the new executive model, franchisees can work anywhere: from home, on the road or at a rented office space. The company recognized the growing desire to work remotely well before the pandemic catapulted the massive work-at-home movement in 2020. “This executive model is the result of seven years of research and trial and error. We perfected this model and it’s a winner,” Carafello says. 

Cartridge world franchise

The Ultimate Flexibility

Study after study shows that remote or hybrid work makes people happier. For example, the National Institutes of Health reports that remote work increases motivation and creates a sense of meaning. Carafello and his team agree. “This executive model and its benefits have enhanced our already-great culture across the franchise system and to our clients,” Carafello says. “It shows in the continued loyalty of our customers and the longevity of our dedicated franchisees, many of whom have been with us for over 12 years.”

Not only is Cartridge World flexible in terms of where franchisees work, but it also has flexible opportunities compared to most franchises. Franchisees can sell to any business anywhere with limitless boundaries and no pre-defined territories. “This is a game-changer,” says Carafello. “The sky is the limit for any franchisee who is ambitious and growth-driven.” He adds that ideal franchisees are high-energy individuals who are friendly and customer-focused. “People want to buy from people, not companies. This is a relationship business. We are entrepreneurs selling to entrepreneurs.”

The Value Proposition 

cartridge world franchise

Adding the ultimate flexibility to an amazing value proposition is what excites Carafello about Cartridge World’s executive franchise model. He joined the company in 2003 and became one of the first master franchisees, growing the New York City market. He grew his region into the largest master franchisee in the Cartridge World system and took on the role of president in 2022. He continues to be a champion for the brand. “This business is in my blood; I care deeply about it,” he says. 

After a few minutes with Carafello, anyone can see his passion for the business. He believes in the value proposition. “We offer a simple solution,” he says. “Businesses need to print, and we have the best toner. It’s an easy sell. We provide a printer at no cost and service it for free. All the customer has to do is buy toner from us and commit to a three-year contract. That’s it.” 

As far as competitors, Carafello maintains that Cartridge World has none. He says Cartridge World is Amazon-proof and beats the online retailer at every corner. “They don’t service or give away printers. They don’t have personal service or leasing. They are not knowledgeable about their products. We beat them every time.” And with companies like Staples going out of business, he says there is a wide-open market. “We’re the only ones standing right now. There are 28 million small- to medium-sized businesses that need toner. There’s so much opportunity out there — it’s truly unbelievable,” he says.

Cartridge World’s Executive Franchise Model

As the company continues to invest in its franchise system, Carafello’s excitement grows. “We brought in the best tools, technology and training. We just introduced a government program with a ton of opportunities with county and state municipalities like police stations and fire departments. Franchise owners can walk right in and get the order.” 

Getting started with Cartridge World’s executive franchise model is as simple as the brand’s value proposition. After franchise owners sign on and attend the company’s two-week, intensive training at Cartridge World Academy, they can be in business in a matter of weeks and start growing their business. “There is huge upward scalability,” Carafello says.

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