Bar-B-Clean Fires up National Expansion Plans

If you haven’t had your barbecue cleaned in a while, there’s a good chance that rats, mice, or other critters have lived, snacked, or left droppings inside.

Additionally, the crusted mess and grease dripping on, and under, the grates are both a fire danger and a health hazard, and also makes your food taste nasty. But have no fear – Bar-B-Clean is coming to a neighborhood near you.

With eight locations already serving 17 territories throughout seven states, the only barbecue cleaning franchise in the country, Bar-B-Clean, recently announced an aggressive expansion initiative to add more than 30 new territories nationwide by the end of 2016.

“It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. We want to be that somebody,” said Bar-B-Clean founder Bryan Weinstein. “Everyone knows grills get extremely greasy and dirty, but they really hate to clean them. Until now, grill owners haven’t had many places they could turn to have their grills professionally cleaned. Bar-BClean fulfills that customer demand.”

Launched in 2011 and franchising since2013, Bar-B-Clean offers residential and commercial customers a convenient, low-cost grill cleaning solution. Using a proprietary steam cleaning system that pumps out 310 degree steam vapor, the service includes a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the grill, as well as a thorough inspection of the burner and ignition systems.

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