Assisted Living Locators Franchise Ideal Career Move for Veterans

For those looking to transition out of the military and into business ownership, Scottsdale, AZ- based Assisted Living Locators offers the support veterans need

to go into business for themselves.

Franchise owner Jasilika Davidson, herself a veteran Supply Specialist with the South Carolina National Guard, says joining Assisted Living Locators has been fantastic.

“This is the best decision I’ve ever made for my career as a veteran,” she said during a recent interview from Columbus, OH, where her franchise is based.

Veterans have the level of discipline required to be business owners, Davidson says, and Assisted Living Locators provides the support veterans need to get started in the senior care industry.

The franchise owner recalled that in basic training, everyone had a “battle buddy” and with Assisted Living Locators, the other franchisees act as battle buddies for one another because they are always pushing each other to perform better and brainstorming new ideas to improve their businesses. Franchisees are also given a blueprint to follow for success, making it easier to run the business.

People often join the military because they want to give back in some way, Davidson noted, and giving back is exactly what they do with Assisted Living Locators.

Giving back to seniors was an important consideration for Davidson when she and her husband were looking for a business opportunity. A franchise recruiter told

Davidson’s husband about the opportunity and he passed it along to her. At first, she was skeptical. “I didn’t even know there was anything like this that existed,” she said.

But, after researching it and meeting with the franchise, she knew it was the right fit for her. Davidson and her husband started the process of researching and buying

their franchise in November of 2018 and by February of 2019, they had purchased it and started their training in Arizona.

Perfect Fit

Assisted Living Locators basically act as agents who connect families with senior care facilities. Families contact the company and explain what type of facility their elderly family member needs. Then, the company’s assisted living consultants — the franchisees — go through their database of local assisted living facilities to find the best match for the senior in need.

The franchisees walk the families through the process of comparing facilities and make a recommendation to the family, who are ultimately the ones who choose the facility.

The service is free for the families, with the franchisee getting paid by the facilities when a senior is matched with them and moves in.

Currently, the business has 140 franchises in 36 states and the District of Columbia. It is this level of caring and compassion for seniors that drew Davidson to the company.

She was partially raised by her godmother, who is now in her 80s and is living with dementia and needs the type of care that Assisted Living Locators helps people to

find for their loved ones. The fit was perfect for her.

After many consultations and weeks of comprehensive training, Davidson and her husband opened their franchise, but the support didn’t end there. They had regular weekly business coaching sessions for four months after their five-day onsite training in Scottsdale, AZ. After initial training, they receive a two-day onsite visit in their franchise territory by the Director of Corporate Training, followed by regular weekly follow up calls. The new franchisees also have access to corporate meetings and weekly company sponsored webinars to complete their transition to the


Supporting Seniors

The support that Assisted Living Locators offers to seniors doesn’t stop once they have found an appropriate home for them. The company is dedicated to helping seniors beyond that, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic when many seniors are feeling increased isolation. The company had a franchisee in Connecticut who donated cash and 35 iPads to help connect seniors with their families who they could not see in person during this time, Assisted Living Locators CEO Angela Olea said.

Another franchisee in Omaha, NB, had gathered volunteers to decorate the outside of seniors facilities for Easter. Davidson herself visited a number of senior facilities in her community and delivered roses for Mother’s Day.

Supporting Veterans

Olea also outlined how Assisted Living Locators is doing its part to honor veterans during the pandemic. “Our veterans, no matter how much time they spend in uniform, devote some or all

of their lives looking out for us. It’s time we help take care of them,” Olea said. “This Memorial Day, large services and gatherings will not be possible, but the true meaning of this day lives on through the contributions of our senior care advisors, many who are veterans.”

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Tim Hodge, franchisee and senior care advisor for Assisted Living Locators in San Antonio, TX, is a member of the “Defense Gang,” a group of retired colonels who attend the funerals of homeless veterans. Dustin Baker, franchisee and senior care advisor for Assisted Living Locators East Valley and an Iraq veteran, has supplied over a thousand N-95 masks to protect healthcare workers in veterans’ homes and senior living properties.

Davidson also does her part to honor the veterans she helps. Last Veterans Day, for example, she brought the veterans in her community cakes with “Happy Veterans Day” to show appreciation for them. It’s this spirit of giving back to veterans and seniors in general that drew Davidson to Assisted Living Locators. The level of support and guidance offered by the franchise makes it an ideal fit for anyone who is looking to transition out of the military and enter a business that gives back to the community.

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