Apex Fun Run Increases Funding for Us Schools With Unique School Fund-Raising Model

As federal, state and local governments continue to slash school funding budgets and overworked parents and
administrators struggle to raise important funds that help with the most basic of needs inside the classroom—Arizona based franchise, Apex Fun Run has increased funding for schools across the United States over 100% year over year using their unique school fund-raising model.

This mobile franchise model is on pace to raise over 6 million dollars for schools across 16 states for the 2014/2015 fiscal year.

With over 56 franchisees in 16 states this company is reshaping the school fundraiser model. Gone are the days of hawking cookie dough and wrapping paper—Apex Fun Run earns on average $23,000 per school per Fun Run event held.

The concept is simple, Apex Fun Run franchisees collaborate with school PTO/As and faculty, and produce a meaningful and “hassle-free” school fun run that is financially successful and builds leadership and fitness values in the students who participate.

Between a pep rally, teacher competitions and awareness building over two weeks, the momentum will culminate with the Fun Run on the last day of Apex’s time at each school. Kids run laps on a special course set up by Apex and friends, parents and family donate per lap.

“It’s a win-win for schools,” said Apex Fun Run Vice President of Franchise Development, Jeremy Barnhart. “We handle the heavy lifting, worry about all the details and the schools are the ones who get the money they so desperately need.”


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