Air Force Veteran Finds a Home With a Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

Former active duty Air Force Staff Sgt. Jared Gordley, 26, spent eight years serving his country, deploying twice — once in Iraq and another deployment at a classified location.

Gordley started in the Air Force as a power generation technician in 2007 and continued to be responsible for various electrical systems, primarily generators, throughout his military career. Just recently, Gordley found his small business calling.

Current owner of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchise in his Jacksonville hometown, he has teamed up with one of North America’s fastest growing franchises, a home inspection business with nearly 200 franchisees across Canada and the U.S.

After years of service, Gordley began considering which career path was meant for him.

“It was my wife who pointed out that most of my military time was spent using the same skills involved in home inspections,” Gordley said. “I always wanted to own my own business, so I started researching and doing my due diligence.”

Gordley attributes his military experiences as foundations for guiding him toward business ownership and home inspections. During his first deployment, he worked in a unit called RED HORSE, an engineering unit in which he was able to do electrical work along with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance and plumbing too.

“Fortunately, I learned a lot during my service that has helped me as a home inspector,” Gordley adds. “Aside from all the practical hands-on experience, my role as a supervisor in the military provided me with leadership skills. The military awarded me a great deal of organizational strength and instilled in me an ability to communicate effectively, which helps me now when meeting with prospective clients.”

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is a certified Military Friendly Franchise and a great place for veterans, according to Gordley, because a lot of the skills learned in the military are used during inspections.

“For basic protocol or safety reasons, military men and women are always inspecting something,” Gordley said. “You need an eye for the minute details, whether it is your bunk, gear or a vehicle.”

Gordley added that A Buyer’s Choice offered him information, training and resources he “simply could not have duplicated” on his own. “It’s a franchise, so there’s a proven method and support when you need it.”

The franchise offers a great military discount, but that wasn’t the deciding factor, Gordley said. He based his decision on the support A Buyer’s Choice offers, what he found to be second to none in the home inspection industry.

In addition to growing his Jacksonville home inspection company, Gordley is still actively involved in Florida’s Air National Guard.

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