Agents Have a Better Way to Do Business with City2Shore Real Estate

City2Shore Real Estate franchise

Founder Shelley Frody Created a Better Experience for Brokers with the City2Shore Franchise

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In January, 2000, Shelley Frody started her adventure in real estate as a broker. In time, Frody realized she could create a better experience for herself and for other brokers. Her solution was City2Shore Real Estate, a business she launched in 2011 with a vision to empower agents with the tools to become top producers.

From the name, you might think that City2Shore is a vacation rental service, but it is a traditional real estate company with properties of all sizes and types. Frody picked the name because it describes the scope of the company’s reach. “We over ground from city to shore,” she says. “There are cities and shorelines all across the country.”

A Winning Formula

The City2Shore formula is simple but not the industry standard: Use streamlined systems, back- end support and technology to maximize efficiency. “Most agents struggle to keep up with paperwork,” she says. “We free them up to focus on sales.”

With the help of her husband, Steve, Shelley grew City2Shore into a massive success and launched the franchise in 2017. The Frodys describe City2Shore’s culture as family- like and based on integrity and helping others.

Shelley Frody, City2Shore Real Estate franchise
City2Shore Real Estate founder Shelley Frody

“First and foremost, we do what’s in the clients’ best interests,” Frody says. The couple wants to grow the brand with like-minded entrepreneurs who share their vision, which is detailed in the City2Shore Creed.

The City2Shore Real Estate Franchise Opportunity

CIty2Shore franchise

With wide-open territory and the support needed to focus on profitable activities, the City2Shore franchise opportunity makes sense for existing agents who want to build their own real-estate business.

City2Shore’s eight-step discovery process helps identify suitable candidates. The ideal franchise owner is a licensed broker or someone connected with the industry. “It helps to have contacts and understand the business,” Frody says.

City2Shore Grand opening in Allendale, Mich.
Steve and Shelley Frody (far left and far right) at the grand opening of City2Shore Real Estate in Allendale. Mich.

The Frodys feel strongly about their business model and plan to become the most recognizable and sought-after real estate company in the world.

“I would go head-to-head with any major real estate company. We offer a more successful path for brokers than any other company out there,” she says. “This is a great opportunity for an existing broker who wants to take their business to the next level. All they need to do is decide just how big they want their business to be.”

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The City2Shore Creed

The City2Shore Creed spells out the company’s beliefs. The creed states that building long-lasting relationships with clients is more important than personal short-term gain. The Frodys’ vision is to grow a global real estate company known for nurturing agents and employees to be successful while being an integral contributing factor in their communities. Here is what City2Shore promises as stated in its creed:

• Satisfy customers by placing their needs first.
• Create environments in which people can thrive and operate with integrity while making a solid impact in the communities of stakeholders.
• Build goodwill and trust.
• Show appreciation by creating atmospheres that are joyful, rewarding, encouraging, fun and irresistible.
• Offer opportunities for people to grow beyond what they ever thought they could do. Take ordinary people and make them extraordinary.
• Provide a support structure that helps people maximize their income and grow long-term revenue streams that allow them to enrich their lives.
• Develop top-notch agents by providing assistants, systems and tools so agents can concentrate on profitable activities.

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