Abrakadoodle Art Helps Kids Travel the Globe and Reach for the Stars

Kids in Abrakadoodle art programs travel on creative journeys that help them see the world in a way that fosters connection. This summer Abrakadoodle launched its World Travel 3D Art Camp to the delight of kids and parents alike. Kids create 3D masterpieces inspired by world cultures, entailing learning about Chinese ceramics, Croatian licitar hearts, and Maori design carvings from New Zealand. They learn how Haitian artists turn found materials into artwork. While making peacock art, children discover the symbolism in Indian culture. Kids connect to their world through creativity.

Connections through art stretch to space, bringing kids together with stellar discovery. Abrakadoodle’s latest Space Art Adventure STEAM Camp engages kids in learning about the solar system, meteors, constellations and more. Kids create art that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math concepts, which are brought together with hands-on art projects. Abrakadoodle helps kids build new skills, confidence and connection with the world around them.

“By introducing multicultural art experiences to children,” remarked Rosemarie Hartnett, Co-found and President of Abrakadoodle, “we open their minds to appreciate the differences in other cultures while also seeing the similarities. This serves to connect them to the global community in a most positive way.”


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