A Real (But Very Busy) Housewife Adds GLO30 to Her Portfolio

A Real (But Very Busy) Housewife Adds GLO30 to Her Portfolio

Robyn Dixon Says ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ with This Innovative Skincare Franchise

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon hasn’t opened her GLO30 studio yet, but she’s been with the brand, so to speak, for a decade.

Dixon, formerly working with a public relations agency, was the lead publicist on the GLO30 account when Dr. Arleen Lamba founded the brand and opened her first studio in 2012 in the Washington, D.C. area.

“As a publicist, you have to know your client, so I spent a lot of time with them, enjoying their services, and it really helped me to promote and publicize them because they were such a fantastic business and offered such a great service at a great quality and great value,” Dixon says.

When she transitioned from her PR role, Dixon remained a GLO30 customer. And when Dr. Lamba announced she would be franchising, “I sent her a text message right away and said, ‘I want in!’” Dixon says.

GLO30 franchise
Robyn Dixon (left) poses with GLO30 president Dr. Arleen Lamba.

A Happy Customer

GLO30 offers innovative, personalized skincare treatments backed by real analysis and science on a monthly membership basis, as well as individual services to non-members.

“I love the curated treatments based on the seasons and weather,” Dixon says. “I love the wow factor – like every month is a surprise, always something different that’s good for your skin but is also different and interesting.”

GLO30 franchise

She says she also appreciates GLO30’s retention rate. “When you see that someone has worked there for 10 years or more, that means the employees are treated well and they’re good at their jobs. That’s important to me as a franchise owner and also as a customer.”

Adding to a Full Plate

In addition to her work on the Bravo series, Dixon maintains a very busy lifestyle as wife, mom, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Married to former NBA player and college coach Juan Dixon with two sons now in the eighth and ninth grades, Dixon runs an e-commerce business called Embellish, which offers fashion accessories. She also produces the NAACP Image Award-nominated podcast, “Reasonably Shady.” And she supports causes benefiting women, children and families including serving as a board member with the Holistic Life Foundation in her native Baltimore.

Even with her other activities, Dixon says adding a GLO30 franchise was a no-brainer. Her love for the brand, as well as the support she knew she’d receive and the fantastic business opportunity was too great to pass up.

“I’m a believer in having multiple streams of income and building generational wealth, not only for myself and my family, but also providing opportunities for people in my community,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to figure out what was going to give me the longevity that doesn’t really depend on me being in front of people or having my life on display, so I’ve been searching for another opportunity to expand my business portfolio.”

They have so many resources, so much knowledge, that they really made me feel comfortable that I am not going to stumble.

Support Instills Confidence

Although franchising always seemed an interesting possibility, Dixon says she might not have pursued it if not for the respect she has for Dr. Lamba and the support she has received from GLO30’s leadership and Fransmart, which has more than two decades working with franchisors and franchisees to help build successful brands.

“They have so many resources, so much knowledge, that they really made me feel comfortable that I am not going to stumble. They’re going to make sure I have everything I need. They’re going to help me every step of the way. So, the fact that I have this assistance and such great people who are really going to hold my hand really makes me feel super confident and excited about the opportunity.”

A ‘Real Housewives’ Spoiler

Dixon says she’s very close to nailing down a space and anticipates opening in the Baltimore metro area toward the end of the first quarter of 2024.

“I’m starting with one location, but I actually have two spaces I want to simultaneously entertain, and, in conversations with the GLO30 team, I am inspired to say, ‘Well, I think five is reasonable, I think 10 is reasonable, I think 50 is reasonable.’ I think the sky is the limit here, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew too quickly. The goal is definitely to grow and expand, but to do it organically.”

Meantime, the new season of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of the Potomac” premieres on Nov. 5. Dixon promises to share some of her thought process in deciding to launch a GLO30 business. “We definitely introduce that this is something new and exciting going on in my life.”

For more information about the GLO30 franchise, visit https://fransmart.com/brand/glo30/.

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