7 Reasons to Get a Lawyer for Your Business Right Now

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-sized business owner, there is always a need for a lawyer or legal team! If you are just starting out in the world of business or even a seasoned professional, you may have legal needs you aren’t even aware of yet. There is always a chance of mistakes made or people not happy with you. Hiring a great attorney can help you protect against negative situations or create a legally strong, safer business. Read on to read our top 7 reasons to hire a lawyer for your company right now!

Where To Find A Lawyer

First thing’s first, you need to find a lawyer for your business. You can simply put out an ad if you are looking for a permanent member of staff, or reach out to local law firms to see if anyone is available to work for you. You can always use an internet law firm as well, which is becoming ever more popular these days. They can help you remotely in a similar way to having contact with a local law firm – as and when you need it. Consider which option is right for your business size, and find someone you trust!

Our 7 Top Reasons

So, what are the top 7 reasons we suggest you need a lawyer?

1.New Business Formation

When you start a new business, you can operate a few different legal set-ups, such as LLC, partnership, or sole trader. A business lawyer will be able to advise you on how to set up and structure your business. As well as assist you with setting up tax, insurance, and record keeping. Hiring an attorney at this early stage can ensure there are no issues with your business further down the line.

2.Hiring Employees / Contract Drafting

Hiring employees seems like an easy task, but your contracts or agreements with your staff could be prone to abuse without a lawyer. You need an attorney to draft these contracts to ensure both your business and the employee are adequately protected against early termination, long term sickness, and poor attendance. It is always best to have contracts drafted by a professional.

3.Employment Law

Following on from employee contracts, there is a massive world of contract and employment law that most business owners simply don’t have time to learn. Leave that to the experts! Having an attorney on retainer or within your company can help you with this. This way, your business can ensure you have not mistreated an employee or vice versa!

4.Protection Against Lawsuits

Sadly, no business, employee, or customer is always perfect. There may come a time where a customer decides to sue you due to perceived negligence, or maybe an employee feels mistreated or underpaid. Having a lawyer embedded within your business at this point could save you a lot of time, money, and hair! Your business lawyer will already know the ins and outs of your customer base, your employee’s contracts, and your own way of working. This means they can help you resolve issues like these much more quickly.

5.Patents and Trademarks

Another thing that you could potentially learn to do alone, sure! But why waste time? You’re running a successful business. There’s no time for you to spend hours researching patents and trademarks for your products, branding, or logos. Hire a specialist attorney to help you here. They will have done hundreds of these before, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your intellectual property will be adequately protected, and you can spend more time running the business without interruption.


There may come a time where you need to take legal action against another firm or someone who has worked within your company. Let’s say someone has copied your product and started selling it for half the price. In this situation, an experienced business lawyer could immediately put a stop to this situation and help you take a right legal action ASAP. In any legal trouble, they will be able to do things properly and professionally to ensure your business has acted right, helping you have a strong case.

7.Customer Collections

Finally, there’s always the problem of keeping on top of incoming finances. Assuming your business is set up to make money, of course! There will always be one customer, one client, or one other company who decides not to pay at all! Having a lawyer on board means you can quickly issue a legal notice to them for payment, rather than trying to chase money all day on your own!

So there are our top seven tips for hiring a lawyer for your business. Whether a new or old business, we think these things can and will happen to almost everyone! Commercial laws are too complicated for any business owner to have to read through. So, if you haven’t already, get hiring!

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