7-Eleven Continues to Grow Its Business and Honor Veterans in the Process

7-Eleven, Inc. has a long history in the United States, beginning its operation in 1927. In its 88 years, 7-Eleven has evolved into one of the best-known retail brands in the world.

7-Eleven Franchise Recruiter Yolanda Crook said the company’s continued success comes in large part from its iconic products, which are an integral part of everyday American culture. “We offer convenience to people on the go. The products that customers wanted when 7-Eleven first started were pretty simple: milk, eggs and bread. While those items are still available, 7-Eleven has greatly expanded its product offerings over the decades. From proprietary products such as Slurpee® beverages, Big Gulp® fountain drinks and 7 Select™ privatelabel items to fresh sandwiches, fruit and World Ovens® bakery products, our stores will have something for every customer at a value price,” Crook said.

7-Eleven began franchising its stores in 1964 and there are now 4,800 Franchisees in its system. “7-Eleven operates franchises and it licenses more than 8,600 stores in the United States and Canada. Of the more than 7,700 stores the company operates and franchises in the U.S., approximately 6,400 are franchised,” Crook said. The company also has a staggering 56,000 stores in 16 countries. Crook added, “7-Eleven is the world’s leading convenience retailer, and it’s still growing. On average, a new 7-Eleven store opens somewhere in the world every three and a half hours.”

Recently, 7-Eleven decided to honor the country’s veterans by offering a special giveaway, called Operation: Take Command and the grand prize was a 7-Eleven franchise without the franchise fee. The program was developed by Franchise Recruiting and Marketing Manager Dorian Cunion who nominated Crook to be the project manager. “I led the planning and implementation of Operation: Take Command by defining and facilitating the project scope, goals, timelines and deliverables to ensure excellent execution,” Crook said. “I also was responsible for interviewing candidates to determine their skill set and qualifications. It was a great experience and an honor to interview so many qualified military veterans.”

From the top ten finalists, three veterans were selected and flown to Dallas for one-on-one interviews with 7-Eleven CEO and Army veteran Joe DePinto. DePinto was so blown away by the caliber of the veterans selected, he made a decision – right there, on the spot – to award all three with their very own 7-Eleven franchise. “These are the kind of folks we want in the 7-Eleven system,” DePinto said. “I look forward to welcoming these three new Franchisees to the 7-Eleven family.”

While the giveaway contest might be over, there are many more opportunities for the right person to join the 7-Eleven brand. Crook explained that there are certain qualities the company looks for: “We seek candidates with leadership skills, business acumen and sound financial standing to successfully operate a 7-Eleven franchise.

7-Eleven also is committed to actively promoting diversity in its franchise system. 7-Eleven Franchisees are the voice of the brand, protecting a legacy and conveying its vision every day to millions of consumers worldwide.”

The company believes, now more than ever, that 7-Eleven provides an important service to consumers. Throughout the company’s history, 7-Eleven stores have satisfied consumers’ needs for convenience, and in this fast-paced world 7-Eleven offer a much-needed service. 7-Eleven differentiates itself from the competition in many ways: through its proprietary retail information system, infrastructure, daily delivery of fresh and time-sensitive products, plus its proprietary products and services, all delivered with friendly service at a value.

When people join the company as a Franchisee, Crook said they are well supported and trained. “All new 7-Eleven Franchisees complete an in-depth orientation comprised of interactive classroom sessions completed at 7-Eleven headquarters in Dallas. From there, instore training, and then ongoing support from a 7-Eleven Field Consultant gets Franchisees up and running in their own store. 7-Eleven provides Franchisees with a turnkey operation, a store that is ready to run their first day and a Field Consultant who visits the store at least once a week to provide guidance on how they can maximize their store’s sales and profits.”

There are plans for more growth at 7-Eleven this year too. The company will be building new stores; converting independent convenience-type stores to 7-Eleven through the company’s Business Conversion Program; and, it also will be acquiring smaller, regional convenience store chains. “The company is driven by the constantly evolving needs of its customers, creating powerful changes that address local market needs and introducing innovation to the market that makes the brand famous.” Crook added,

“We were very excited to welcome the three veterans who were given franchises as part of Operation: Take Command and we hope more people will consider joining the 7-Eleven family.”

For more information on 7-Eleven franchise opportunities visit: franchise.7- Eleven.com

For more information about the Veteran’s giveaway visit: franchise.7-eleven.com/franchise/veteransfranchise-program

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