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LivePOS, headquartered in San Diego, CA, offers a cloud pointof- sale solution that is uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of the growing franchise industry. With over 20,000 customers to date, LivePOS is a true industry success story.

Ten years ago, Liad Biton, co-founder of LivePOS, was a retailer himself, managing a growing number of locations without an adequate POS solution. At that point, Biton’s business had grown to 70+ locations and the need for a live, real-time system was obvious. “No serious company can run a successful business with faxes and excel sheets; it’s a recipe for disaster,” Biton says.

Biton knew he had to find a solution, and fast. “We looked everywhere for a solution. It was either too expensive, too limited in features, or just plain-old complicated, and not to mention slow. Sales would take a full 24 hours to show up on the screen. In today’s fast pace business 24 hours is an eternity. eternity. At that point, we knew we had to build our own solution.”

While he continued his day job as busy retailer, at night, he developed a point of sale solution that would give him what he needed. While the software was initially developed exclusively for Biton’s business, soon word began to spread and other business retailers wanted in on the action. “This was pre-iCloud, so it was revolutionary. We started getting phone calls and I thought, let’s move this into a business,” says Biton.

Two years later, Biton officially launched LivePOS as the first cloud POS solution in the world, with the revolutionary idea of taking a POS computer—just one—and delivering everything a business would need via a for a monthly subscription. That was back in 2006. Over the next decade the software has evolved into a business that serves over 20,000 customers worldwide.

Cloud control

An Apple iPhone most easily explains the cloud concept. “Everything on your phone: contacts, photos and documents are saved on a hard drive somewhere in Apple’s data center,” Biton says. Should you lose the phone, the data is still there. This is the same idea, on a much grander scale, as the LivePOS system. Sales and inventory data are sent to ‘the cloud’ and can be accessed through almost any device with internet capability, including tablets and mobile phones.

The LivePOS Dashboard

The LivePOS Dashboard is designed for the store operator and franchise owner. It compiles vast amounts of your store’s sales data and sends it back out in a clear, concise format called the Dashboard. “Imagine the complexity of an owner with 10 stores, 10,000 SKUs, each item with a different price in each store, each employee with a different commission level, different goals, different refund and exchange policies, and the list goes on. It’s a very powerful system. Our biggest strength is that we make it simple to operate, and easy to read and understand,” Biton explains.

The Dashboard is the first thing retailers see when they log in to LivePOS’ backend website. Data, shown in numbers and colored pie charts, provides a quick recap of all aspects of the business, enabling a company to control multiple locations simultaneously. “The system can segregates access so [for example] store managers can only see their own sales, while regional managers can see higherlevel data,” says Biton.

The system also allows you to turn any feature on or off at a specific location. For example, Store A may be required to collect shopper information while Store B does not. On-the-road retailers not able to access the Dashboard, can have customized text messages sent to them for situations that demand immediate attention: who clocked in, who took a longer break, “a gazillion and one options,” Biton points out.

The Franchise Management System

A few years ago Biton identified another segment in the retail and service industry that is underserved: franchises. While many ‘off the shelf’ POS companies started to pop up everywhere, they were all catering to the small mom and pop operator, and not fulfilling the needs of the multi-location owners and franchisors.

“There are a ton of POS apps out there, they work great if you’re a small operator but try to run a 200 location franchise on them and you’ll soon realize that they fall short of what you need. This is where we come in.”

Over the past few years, LivePOS focused its development and feature release around the multi-location and franchise customers, inking deals with brand name companies such as Zagg, Polariod, Any Lab Test Now and Fast Fix, just to name a few. “Our Franchise Management system (FMS) is the focal point of our solution. It enables franchisors to literally run their business from our solution. From creating system wide promotions to tracking sales and inventory, all the way to a drilled down report to the SKU level, see what is selling, what is not, who are the best performing stores and why, all is available within a few clicks of the mouse; it is truly amazing.”

Customization and Feature Requests

When people meet the LivePOS team and the word ‘customization’ comes up, the room usually becomes very quiet. If you ever tried to get any kind of software modification for you business, you know it’s going to cost you a lot of money. “Not with LivePOS,” say Biton. “LivePOS is a customer centric business. We love building features and enriching our solution, all while never, ever charging for features,” Biton explains. “When a company approaches us and requests a specific report or feature, we send their request to 100 of our best clients, and we ask ‘If we build it, would you use it?’ Nine out of 10 times the answer is YES, and so, we go ahead and build that feature. We then release it to ALL of our clients, free of charge. Our new customer gets what they wanted and the rest of our clients get to enjoy a new feature that will help them run their business. It’s a Win-Win situation all around.”

As LivePOS continues into 2015, the system racks on capabilities and simplifies day to day operations. “As part of our standard package, we provide 100% free customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. We never close. Same goes for training; we offer one on one training for just about anyone in the organization. There are neither limits nor restrictions; if you need training on the newest feature we just released, just give us a call.” Software upgrades are also included in the flat monthly fee, allowing owners and retailers to always stay updated with the latest and greatest features. “We see people that still can’t send receipts via email because their POS system is 100 years old… with LivePOS you get constant upgrades to your version throughout the year, all included and free of charge.”

To learn more about LivePOS and their multi-location franchise solution please visit or contact LivePOS via email, at or call anytime 1-888-884-9224.

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