Military Couple Discovers Franchising Is a Match Made in 7-Eleven Heaven

“A 7-Eleven franchise is a natural fit for veterans. As Franchisees, they add solid leadership skills and strong discipline to the creativity, energy and spirit of entrepreneurship. They are good at dealing with people and with day-to-day challenges.” 

– Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven president and CEO, Army veteran

Brian and Theresa Green never thought about running their own business. But with their military careers coming to an end, the young couple knew it was time to explore their options. They had worked as managers in the military, so both were pros at multitasking, organizing and working well under stress. They just hadn’t considered how that experience would translate into business ownership in the civilian world.

Then they discovered franchising with one of the world’s top convenience stores. To their surprise, it was a perfect fit. The Greens knew the 7-Eleven brand well. But what they didn’t know was that 7-Eleven’s franchise program, business model and training complemented the structure and focus of the military, which made the Greens feel right at home. The couple also learned they had the skills 7-Eleven was looking for in Franchisees.

“We just had to apply everything we learned in a different way,” Brian says. The 20% franchise fee discount and 65% financing that 7-Eleven offers vets were also a huge draw. “These kinds of incentives allow any dedicated and business-minded veteran the opportunity to own a business,” Brian explains. “It was an opportunity too good to pass up.”

Another big advantage was 7-Eleven’s business model. While most franchisors share royalties on sales, 7-Eleven shares profits. To the Greens, this meant that 7-Eleven would be equally invested in the success of their store. Tools and resources were also available, if needed, to help increase their profits – a benefit that gave the first-time business owners added peace of mind.

But it wasn’t just financial support the company offered. 7-Eleven’s training taught them everything they needed to know about running a 7-Eleven business. And once their store was up and running, their Field Consultant was available to answer questions and make recommendations. That same support continues to this day.

“If we have an issue, we know who to call,” says Brian. “Our Field Consultant is our safety blanket!”

Today, Brian and Theresa Green are not just business owners. They are successful Franchisees with a brand that is known around the globe. It’s a reality they never expected, but one they enthusiastically embrace.

“It’s our store!” says Theresa. “We’re on a first-name basis with our customers, we love our employees and we work really hard.” Brian agrees. “When you love what you do, sometimes it makes it a little harder to go home at night!”

If you’re a military veteran and are interested in learning more about what it’s like to franchise with the world’s first convenience store, click here.

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