2024 IFPG Virtual Franchise Summit Inspires and Informs

IFPG Virtual Franchise Summit

The Virtual Franchise Event Delivered Rich Insights Through Expert Sessions and Collaborative Exchanges

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) successfully hosted more than 300 franchise professionals at its annual virtual Franchise Summit this week, marking its fifth virtual event since 2020. Initially launched as an innovative pivot during the pandemic, the IFPG Franchise Summit quickly became a staple of the franchise broker organization’s annual calendar. “The response was so positive that we made it a regular feature,“ said IFPG CEO and founder Don Daszkowski.

Known for its collaborative culture and innovative events, IFPG has made the Summit a highlight among its offerings. It features a unique platform to exchange ideas and engage with peers through panel discussions and various breakout sessions. “This collaborative environment supports our mission to serve the franchise industry with innovation, growth and opportunity,” said Daszkowski.

The virtual Summit provides a streamlined alternative to traditional, in-person conferences that require travel. “I love the format,” franchise consultant Doug Grant expressed, who found it helped him break away from his usual conference routine. “At in-person conferences, I tend to stick with the same group of people. Here, we were mixed into different groups for each breakout session.” Agreeing with Grant, long-time consultant Karol Mercurio praised the efficient format, saying, “The Summit allowed us to connect with more people in less time.”

The Power of Franchising

IFPG President Red Boswell moderated the online gathering and continually reminded attendees of the pivotal role franchise consultants play in connecting hopeful entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities. “We’re changing lives together through franchising,” he said. “The Summit is about sharing advice and wisdom to do our jobs better. By offering events like these, we elevate franchising and contribute to its sustainable, responsible growth.”

According to the IFA 2024 Franchising Economic Outlook report, franchising is steadily growing. Over the next year, total franchise output is expected to rise by 4.1%, from $858.5 billion in 2023 to $893.9 billion in 2024. To support this incredible growth, IFPG is on a mission to instill integrity and knowledge within its membership base and franchise consultant training process.  

Expert Insights and Valuable Learning

The IFPG Franchise Summit was rich with insights from seasoned professionals as well as newcomers from every industry within franchising. “Folks in franchising are always eager to share their trade secrets — even with competitors. Franchising is known for its collaborative spirit, and the Summit was a prime example. It was all about exchanging ideas and empowering each other to elevate franchising,” said Boswell. 

Expert panels included tips and best practices for success in franchising, with words of advice from franchise pros. Carey Tober from franchise development firm REP’M Group emphasized the critical role of in-depth research for franchising success. Ron Bender, who leads franchise development for emerging franchisor Shutter House, discussed the importance of thorough validation in building strong franchisee-franchisor relationships. Consultant Holly Pasma Burke provided a common-sense takeaway on the franchise discovery process, advising, “The more you educate your candidate, the more successful the franchise process will be.”

Another highlight of the Summit was an insightful keynote from several seasoned franchise consultants who graciously shared bits of wisdom from their experiences. Consultant Stacy Swift emphasized the importance of collaboration. Become part of a mastermind group. Share knowledge with other consultants. Get involved,” she said. Consultant Marshall Reddy advocated for authenticity and transparency. “Be honest and show love to candidates. Make sure they know you have their best interests in mind. Don’t be afraid to tell them if they aren’t good candidates for franchise ownership.” Possibly the most straightforward and poignant advice came from seasoned consultant Bill King, “Focus on the fundamentals. Do all the common things uncommonly well. Most importantly, work on trust.”  

A New Era for Collaboration

The 2024 IFPG Franchise Summit showcased the value of teamwork in franchising and how digital progress has created new ways for interaction, learning and growth. The event, which gathered a varied group of franchisors, consultants, and vendors online, was praised for its innovative approach to networking and education.

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