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Tuesday 06 October 2015
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August 6, 2009 - Charlotte, NC – With many believing that the small-and-medium-size businesses will lead the national economic recovery, seasoned corporate executive Kale Gaston has taken on a new mission – to ensure the good health of the small businesses community in the state of North Carolina. Gaston, a regional developer under the AdviCoach (www.AdviCoach.com) system, has launched a regional development business coaching practice which focuses on helping business owners increase the performance, and therefore profits, of their businesses.

As a regional developer of AdviCoach, the premier source for business coaching and advisory services customized for small to mid-size businesses, Gaston’s statewide regional development program will be awarding franchises to selected individuals who have a passion for helping established entrepreneurs; who see business coaching as a career, and who are willing to invest in long-term self sufficiency.

“There are several hundred thousand small-to-medium sized businesses contributing to the economy here in North Carolina,” said Gaston. “As employers and buyers of goods and services, it’s important to the economic health of the state to keep this market performing well and contributing to a stable economy,” he added.

The business coaching industry is a booming multi-billion dollar market and growing at an annual rate of 40 percent nationally. Kale Gaston’s financial industry background of providing capital investment dollars to grow the small business market in certain regions in the US aligns well with his new mission. His extensive business and leadership experience, along with the proven business coaching system of AdviCoach, offer individuals a career path and a solid franchise opportunity.

“Owning an AdviCoach franchise gives a business-savvy professional a built-in formula for success parlaying their business skills into financial gain,” he added. “North Carolina offer outstanding opportunities for economic development for both new franchise expansion and increasing the performance of existing businesses,” said Gaston. “An AdviCoach working on my team will have the opportunity to work in all aspects of the small to medium size business market,” he added.

Gaston, along with his network of AdviCoaches in North America, brings a wide variety of experience in a cross-section of industries. Through a powerful, interactive diagnostic process, AdviCoaches like Gaston work with their clients to assess their performance in 21 critical best practice areas of business functions common across industries. Armed with this knowledge, AdviCoaches then coach their clients through the implementation of the appropriate Rapid Impact Strategies to address gaps and drive immediate results.

“As companies hire less and outsource more, it presents opportunities in the business coaching services sector,” says Gaston. “This increased demand for business consulting has created an opportunity for the corporate-trained individual to use their business experience in an entrepreneurial venture like business coaching.”

Today, AdviCoach and sister company The Entrepreneur’s Source (www.EsourceCoach.com), dominate the $1.5 billion dollar Business Coaching/Consulting franchise market with 33 percent market share in North America. With its 25-year history, Terry Powell, CEO, is recognized as the founder of the Business Coaching profession with the establishment of The Entrepreneur’s Source, AdviCoach, and Business Partner Marketing Coach.

About AdviCoach

AdviCoach is the premier source for business coaching and advisory services customized for small to mid-size businesses. With its unique “AdviCoach Advantage,” AdviCoaches help businesses increase their ROI and deploy a multitude of Rapid Impact Strategies to impact the bottom line of their business. AdviCoach was recently ranked in the Top 100 new franchises by Franchise Market Magazine and listed in the Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2 consecutive years. Other news on FSBI international brands can be found on www.FranchiseNewsRoom.com. Follow our ongoing business coaching Blog discussions on by going to business coaching blog.


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